Cashay reveals when she knew she was leaving Love Island USA

Cashay Proudfoot on Love Island USA
Cashay Proudfoot on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA fans were angry when Cashay Proudfoot left the villa after Charlie Lynch chose not to recouple with her.

Many fans wanted the show to bring her back and said they would boycott the rest of the season because she was no longer on it.

However, what most of those fans don’t know is that their demands went against what Cash wanted for herself.

Cash was going to leave that night even if Charlie chose to recouple with her.

Cashay says when she knew it was time to leave Love Island USA

Cashay said that she had made her decision to leave the villa on the night of her elimination, even if Charlie chose for her to stay with him.

“I one hundred percent knew I was leaving that night. I felt it in my core. I felt like it was my time,” Cash told ET Online. “My heart was ready. My mind was ready. I was tired, y’all!” 

“For me, and I knew this in my heart, even if Charlie would have chose me, I probably would have still left that night because if I had stayed past that night, it would have been me not being true to myself.”

Cash explained that she believes in staying true to who she is. She said she never faked anything on the show and was there for the right reasons.

She said when she chose Charlie over Cinco Holland, she believed it was best for her. However, when Cash couldn’t let her feelings for Cinco go, she knew the two of them were finished.

“It got to a point where I could see, even though he wasn’t ready to be honest with himself, that it just wasn’t there for us anymore,” she said.

By that time, she knew that it was still Cinco that she wanted and if Charlie chose her, she would leave and go find Cinco anyway.

“Maybe I should listen to my heart and maybe he should listen to his,” Cash said. “He did and him choosing Alana was the best thing for him, and me going home to figure out my feelings with Cinco was the best thing for me.”

“Me leaving was perfect and it happened as it should have,” she continued.

Cashay left Love Island USA her way

Love Island USA fans wanted her back, but Cash said she wouldn’t come back even if they asked.

She made her decision to leave and showed it when she came to the recoupling ceremony with Trina Njoroge wearing matching dashikis, one of which Trina gifted her.

“Me going out in the dashiki with Trina was beautiful because it mended us,” Cash said.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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