Carolyn Wiger addresses Survivor fans with a heartfelt message about inclusion

Carolyn Survivor 2023
Survivor 44 castaway Carolyn Wiger plays the game her own way. Pic credit: CBS

Survivor 44 castaway Carolyn Wiger is not your typical player.

She is honest, straightforward, and her authentic self on the show.

Outside of the show, Carolyn seems to be that same person, providing a lot of fun content on social media.

In a recent post, Carolyn embraced the Felecia nickname assigned to her on Survivor.

And then she posted a reaction video to the new Survivor bromance, echoing what many fans saw.

Her honest approach to addressing fans has also come through in a message about being unique.

Carolyn Wiger addresses Survivor fans

“To anyone who struggles to fit in and have been told there’s something ‘wrong’ with them. I’m here to tell you THERE’S NOT!” Carolyn Wiger wrote on social media.

“To anyone who’s ever felt disregarded, ignored and not heard…you’re not alone. The things that make you unique are what’s most beautiful. Don’t hide it! ????,” Carolyn went on to add.

The message about being her true self has been celebrated by the many people commenting on her posts.

Carolyn apologizes to her fans for not being more responsive

In another comment that Carolyn wrote on Twitter, she apologized to her fans and followers for not being more responsive to posts.

“I love you all and I apologize that I cannot keep up with messages! It truly has been eating at me and anyone who knows me knows I’ve been stressing about not responding to each one,” Carolyn wrote on Twitter.

“I never wanted to be that person ‘too cool’ to respond. I don’t think that lol but I’m trying to take care of myself too!” Carolyn finished her post.

This is a remarkable post from a reality TV star, as she is only earning more fans by being so honest.

While it’s not clear whether or not Carolyn will be able to make it to the end of Survivor 44, it’s a sure bet that many viewers would like her to return for a future season.

Carolyn Wiger Survivor Apology
Survivor 44 cast member Carolyn Wiger apologized to her followers. Pic credit: @CarolynWiger/Twitter

More from Survivor 44

Matthew had to dip out of Survivor 44 due to his shoulder injury. That saved someone from Tika getting voted out at Tribal Council.

It is possible that Carolyn could have been voted out. She has an Immunity Idol but has been trying to keep from using it at Tribal Council. That might have allowed Yam Yam and Josh to vote her out.

Moving forward, it looks like the Survivor 44 Merge is coming up. There are just 12 people left competing for the $1 million prize, so it is time to combine the tribes. Will Jeff Probst and the producer introduce a new twist?

And for any Survivor fans who have not heard about it yet, Jeff is hosting a new podcast this spring. A new episode debuts each week, and he covers topics like the castaways being allowed to cheat on the show.

Survivor 44 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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