Captain Sean Meagher on Below Deck: Who is Captain Lee Rosbach’s Season 9 replacement?

Captain Sean Meagher is the new Below Deck Season 9captain.
Captain Sean becomes the latest captain to join the Below Deck family. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Sean Meagher on Below Deck is Captain Lee Rosbach’s replacement during Season 9 of the hit yachting show.

The trailer for the upcoming season was filled with shocking moments. None was quite like returning crew member Eddie Lucas learning Captain Lee would not be at the helm for at least the beginning of the charter season.

Captain Sean has a crew meeting to discuss his taking over for the stud of the sea. Eddie becomes frustrated with the new captain and longs for his old pal Captain Lee as the first look footage continues.

The OG captain of the Below Deck family isn’t out the entire season, but viewers will have to adjust to having Captain Sean in charge for at least a few charters. So, let’s learn about the man tasked with replacing Captain Lee on Below Deck.

Who is Captain Sean Meagher on Below Deck?

Based on the first glimpse of Captain Sean, he has a completely different approach to the job than Captain Lee. The trailer features Captain Sean leading with a more hands-on approach, something Eddie doesn’t jive with very well.

According to his website, Captain Sean hails from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and has been sailing since he was a little boy. He earned his first captain’s ticket at age 18 while working for a local ferry company providing service from Cape Cod to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

The captain left his hometown to live life in the yachting world and never looked back. Captain Sean has years of yachting experience working all over the world. South Pacific, South East Asia, and Northwest Passage, getting within miles of the North Pole are some of the exciting adventures he has had in his yachting career.

Captain Sean has spent most of the past decade at the helm of the luxury yacht My Latitude embarking on various charting journeys. Thanks to his career, Captain Sean has become protective of the sea and works with The Ocean Voyages to keep plastic from the water.

Along with being a captain and advocate, Captain Sean is also a Charter Broker.

The newest captain in the Below Deck franchise

Captain Sean becomes the fifth captain to join the Below Deck family. It’s no secret that Captain Lee is the man that jump-started the entire franchise.

Then Captain Mark Howard kicked off the Below Deck Mediterranean franchise but was replaced with Captain Sandy Yawn in Season 2. Finally, Captain Glenn Shephard has become the staple of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, and reports are indicating he is filming Season 3 now.

There is a lot more for Below Deck fans to learn about Captain Sean Meagher when Season 9 premieres this fall. No one can ever take the place of Captain Lee Rosbach, but someone has to step in when the stud of the sea is unavailable.

Here’s hoping viewers give Captain Sean a chance and don’t compare him to Captain Lee too much.

Below Deck Season 9 premieres on Monday, October 25 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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