Captain Sandy Yawn and Malia White continue to shade Hannah Ferrier over Below Deck Med firing

Below Deck Med's Captain Sandy and Malia continue to blame Hannah for the way firing went down.
Neither Malia nor Captain Sandy has anything nice to say about Hannah on Below Deck Mediterranean. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Sandy Yawn and Malia White continue to throw shade at Hannah Ferrier over her Below Deck Mediterranean firing.

On Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen wasted no time asking Malia and Captain Sandy about the backlash they endured over the way Hannah was fired. Both women are standing by their actions and blaming Hannah for not following protocol.

Yep, Malia, and Captain Sandy are sticking to their guns that their decisions were based on Maritime Law. They were doing their duty and not about to jeopardize their jobs. It is the same thing Captain Sandy and Malia have been spouting since the episode featuring Hannah’s firing aired.

Plus, the two women made it clear they have nothing nice to say about the former chief stew.

Captain Sandy thinks Hannah sabotaged herself

After acknowledging all the hate she has received, Captain Sandy blamed Hannah for not being focused on the job and looking for a way out of yachting.

“I didn’t tell Hannah to behave that way. Hannah probably sabotaged herself because she really didn’t have a leave. And I think maybe that was her exit. You know, I think it was a subconscious thing,” Captain Sandy said.

She also explained Hannah was involved with her boyfriend Josh and wanted to start a family. Hannah made no secret of wanting to become a mother. Captain Sandy feels Hannah was ready for the next phase in her life but couldn’t find a way to leave Below Deck Med.

The captain claims Hannah is the only one to blame. While Captain Sandy feels bad, people think she is the reason Hannah was fired when Hannah is the reason.

“Hannah fired herself. I didn’t fire her,” Captain Sandy declared.

Although she did wish Hannah well, most fans feel it was not authentic and only for Captain Sandy to save face.

Malia said Hannah’s firing was not a plot twist

The bosun agreed with Captain Sandy’s words then addressed fans thinking Hannah leaving was a planned all season.

“It has nothing to do with drama; it has nothing to do with ‘plot twists.’ Before anything, our actual jobs come first,” Malia explained. “Had Hannah had the correct paperwork, or the pen wasn’t CBD, then she would still be at her job. People don’t want to put fault where fault lies, but had everything been by the book, she would still have a job.”

Malia did admit she could have handled the situation better, like giving Hannah a heads up but ultimately Malia knows she did the right thing because the drugs had to be reported.

Andy wasn’t about to let the topic of Hannah drop after Malia and Captain Sandy after the women shared their insight.

The host played Return Of The Shady Cucumber game, asking Captain Sandy to name three positive things about Hannah. The captain could only say one thing in two different ways. Captain Sandy said Hannah was good with people and guests.

Later The Shady Cucumber asked Malia to name one thing Hannah does better than her friend and current chief stew, Bugsy Drake. Malia laughed extremely hard, kept saying, “I don’t know,” then gave the same answer as the captain. Hannah is good with the guests.

One thing is for sure. The drama between Captain Sandy Yawn, Malia White, and Hannah Ferrier will be a pivotal part of the cast’s virtual chat. Captain Sandy said she was disappointed in how Hannah acted at the Below Deck Med Season 5 reunion show.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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susan irwin
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susan irwin
susan irwin
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You are the reason .

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susan irwin
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There goes Malia Capt Suck up

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susan irwin
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The two of them Phony and Fake.
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