Captain Sandy Yawn calls Malia White ‘secretly gay’ in cameo video leaving Below Deck Med fans outraged

Below Deck Mediterranean star Captain Sandy Yawn thinks Malia White is secretly gay.
A new video of Captain Sandy talking about Malia has fans questioning the Below Deck Med captain’s sobriety. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Sandy Yawn calls Malia White secretly gay in a new Cameo video that has Below Deck Mediterranean fans outraged.

The captain has been under fire for her actions during the current season of the Bravo yachting show. Captain Sandy favored Bugsy Drake and Malia while micromanaging Hannah Ferrier and chef Kiko Loran before their departures.

Fans’ anger has been taken to another level thanks to a video of Captain Sandy calling Malia gay has gone viral.

Cameo video goes viral

Cameo allows fans to request private video messages from people for a price. It is a way that celebrities can give fans a personal shoutout or answer specific questions. The videos are supposed to be private, but many fans share the footage on social media.

That appears to be the case with Captain Sandy. Video footage of the Bravo personality saying she thinks Malia is secretly gay surfaced late Monday night. Captain Sandy even claimed that “everyone in production thinks so!”

It was shocking for fans to see the captain say such an inappropriate remark about Malia. The two women are reportedly very close, so for Captain Sandy to speak about Malia, that way is wrong.

Let’s be clear, Malia’s sexual orientation is not the issue. It is Captain Sandy speaking about such a personal topic that has so many upset.

Fans question Captain Sandy’s sobriety

Twitter was in an uproar over the captain, making such a statement about Malia so publicly. One user blasted Captain Sandy for not knowing how to keep her mouth shut. Another said the captain should never talk about her staff’s personal lives.

The subject matter is one hot topic for sure. Captain Sandy, who is gay, should know better than to joke or even speculate about a person’s sexual orientation. It was a disgusting move on the captain’s part.

Fans are also calling out Captain Sandy for being drunk or high in the footage. There is no question that Captain Sandy is not herself in the video. She laughs the entire time in the video. At one point, the captain says, “This is going to be public, isn’t it!?!” Later, Captain Sandy shared that she cracks herself up before the footage ends.

Captain Sandy calling Malia secretly gay, has fans hoping Bravo reconsiders having the captain on Below Deck Mediterranean next season. Viewers’ patience is wearing thin with Captain Sandy and the network over the despicable behavior playing out on the show.

Bravo wasted no time cutting ties with Peter Hunziker for his racist post. Could the same thing happen to Captain Sandy for her Cameo video?

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Cheryl Ferrari
Cheryl Ferrari
3 years ago

I ordered 2 pairs of shoes only received one pair. Who do you complain to

Cheryl Ferrari
Cheryl Ferrari
3 years ago

Ordered two pairs only received 1 pair
Who do you complain to