Captain Lee shares a picture of his ‘favorite chief stew of all time’ and it’s not Kate Chastain

Captain Lee does have a favorite chief stew
The only chief stew Captain Lee needs in his life is his wife, Mary Anne. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Lee Rosbach shared a picture of his favorite chief stew of all time on Instagram, and it is not Kate Chastain. Despite their close relationship, there is only one person the good captain wants by his side when he is crewing a boat.

After a long couple of weeks filled with Below Deck reunion drama, Captain Lee decided to give a shout out to the chief stew that always has his back. He is looking to the future, one that will no longer include Kate on the Bravo show, as well as reminiscing about the past.

Who is Captain Lee’s favorite chief stew?

It should not come as a surprise that Captain Lee’s favorite chief stew is his wife, Mary Anne. He shared a throwback picture of the two on Instagram on Thursday, letting fans know she will always be his right-hand.

The picture is adorable. They look so happy together, with smiles plastered across both of their faces.

Some fans were genuinely surprised that Kate was not the captain’s favorite chief stew. There is no question, Captain Lee does have a special bond with Kate and openly shows her favoritism.

However, Kate does not hold a candle to his one and only Mary Anne. She is Captain Lee’s ride or die.

Who is Captain Lee’s wife Mary?

Below Deck fans first got a glimpse of Captain Lee’s wife Mary Anne in Season 5. She made a trip to the boat on an in-between charter day to visit her husband of 44 years. Mary Anne joined her high-school sweetheart and the crew for dinner, where she happily spilled about her romance with the captain.

She revealed they met when a group of their friends hung out, but Captain Lee did not recall meeting her that night. A month later, they met again, and the second time was the charm for the couple.

Captain Lee confirmed the second meeting was all it took for him to fall head over heels for his wife. He is continuously referring to Mary Anne as his best friend.

The couple has built a beautiful life together, but it has not been without its challenges. They spent decades dealing with their son Josh’s drug addiction, only to lose him to an overdose last summer. Captain Lee has spoken out regarding how devastating it was to lose Josh, and it is genuinely heartbreaking.

They have other children and several grandchildren that bring joy to their lives. However, both Mary Anne and Captain Lee struggle with the loss of Josh, despite the happy faces they put on for the public.

Kate Chastain might be Captain Lee Rosbach’s favorite chief stew on Below Deck, but in life, his number one will forever be his wife, Mary Anne.

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