Captain Lee Rosbach introduces Below Deck fans to behind the scenes crew member chief officer Jon Armstrong

Captain Lee from Below Deck chats with crew member Jon Armstrong who isn't seen on show.
There are a few crew members on Below Deck that fans don’t see and Captain Lee is highlighting one of them. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Lee Rosbach introduces Below Deck fans to behind-the-scenes crew member, chief officer Jon Armstrong, a pivotal part of the My Seanna team.

It’s no secret that a few crew members help make the hit yachting show happen but are never on camera. Malia White’s new boyfriend, Jake Baker, was an engineer of The Lady Michelle during Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6.

Below Deck Med fans only caught glimpses of Jake a couple of times onscreen. However, his off-screen romance with Malia made headlines. Jake even joined the Season 6 cast in Split, which is where his relationship with Malia began.

Now Captain Lee is shining a light on a Below Deck Season 9 crew member that spends a lot of time running around My Seanna.

Captain Lee Rosbach highlights chief officer Jon Armstrong

Some Below Deck viewers may have caught a glimpse of chief officer Jon during Captain Sean Meagher’s welcome speech to the Season 9 crew. The captain pointed out Jon, along with the other second engineer Miguel and chief engineer Alex.

In a new Bravo Insider original, Captain Lee asked Jon to explain what he does on My Seanna for Below Deck.

“I was brought in basically as a representation for the ownership. Somebody that was a little bit more familiar with the boat than the crew that comes aboard at the last minute for all of these charters,” Jon shared.

The chief officer admitted on a boat the size of My Seanna, multiple officers are onboard to ensure safety.

“In a nutshell, I’m the safety officer/general oversight guy,” Jon shared.

Jon explains what he does to help Below Deck

Captain Lee asked Jon to share what he does precisely for the Below Deck show.

“There’s a lot more bodies on this boat than there normally would be for charter obviously because we got all the production people here as well,” Jon stated. “I do a lot of the tender runs. When you guys are in weird anchorages here and there, and they need somebody to run ashore with people or parts or anything. Most of my day is spent standing by in case something goes sideways.”

Eagled-eyed Below Deck fans will have to look for chief officer Jon Armstrong on Season 9. Not only is he a pivotal part of the My Seanna crew, but Jon’s also a friend of Captain Lee Rosbach’s.

Yes, Jon is one of those behind-the-scenes crewmembers that help make Below Deck a success. The clip featuring Captain Lee and Jon can be watched here.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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