Below Deck: Fraser Olender disses chief stew Heather Chase’s leadership skills and work ethic

Fraser Olender from Below Deck slams Heather Chases's skills a chief stew.
Fraser doesn’t hold back when sharing his true feelings about his boss Heather. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck stew, Fraser Olender has dissed chief stew Heather Chase’s leadership skills and work ethic as tension mounts between them on the hit Bravo show.

It didn’t take long for the cracks in Heather and Fraser’s new working relationship to show. Heather wasn’t thrilled with Fraser leaving a trash bag in the primary’s bedroom, while Fraser disapproves of her management style.

After the first charter guest brought up a couple of service issues, Fraser tried to speak to Heather about it. The conversation didn’t go well. Heather insisted the interior just needed to do better.

Now, Fraser has bashed Heather setting the stage for a dramatic season for the interior crew.

How did Below Deck’s Fraser Olender diss chief stew Heather Chase?

Fraser stopped by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen to discuss all things Below Deck. The stew’s good friend and Season 9 crew member Rayna Lindsey was also there to spill the tea on the hit yachting show.

Andy wasted no time playing a game with Fraser to get him to express his true feelings about the chief stew. The host kicked the game off by wanting to know what red flag made Fraser question Heather’s leadership style.

“I didn’t really notice it until the first trip, and I just felt that I was everywhere,” Fraser explained. “And I love my job. I love every part of it. I love the service and housekeeping and everything else, laundry included. But I can’t do everything at once, and I didn’t see Jess doing much. To be honest, I didn’t see Heather doing much, and that bothered me because I was really doing my best to keep everything afloat.”

Another issue Fraser has with Heather is the tone she uses to speak to him and fellow stew Jessica Albert. Andy asked what it was about the way Heather spoke that got under his skin so much.

“It was very, it was something I had never experienced before, and it was just very cold. It was very blunt, and it wasn’t delivered in a very nice way. And as a leader now, I am a chief stew on my boat, and I do things very differently,” Fraser expressed.

What else did Fraser say about Heather from Below Deck?

Heather claimed the stews needed to work harder after the first charter criticism. Andy wanted to know Fraser’s thoughts on the chief stew’s comment.

“I honestly don’t know if I could work any harder at this point. I love what I’m doing, but I’m just to the bone exhausted at this stage.”

As for how Heather can improve as a leader, to Fraser, that was easy, “doing a bit of work.” Rayan agreed, telling Andy that Fraser’s speaking “nothing but facts.”

Only three episodes have aired so far in Below Deck Season 9. However, the drama between Fraser Olender and Heather Chase is already a hot topic.

During his appearance on WWHL, Fraser also shared he thinks Heather will have the most to answer for at the reunion show. Plus, Fraser named her the Season 9 crew member who flirted with charter guests the most too.

The interior crew on Season 9 of Below Deck is going to make the show mighty entertaining.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Lenore Meyer
Lenore Meyer
2 years ago

Frasier is a constant complainer. He is also lazy.

I really like Heather.

Mike D
Mike D
2 years ago
Reply to  Lenore Meyer

Clearly we are watching two different shows. I see Fraser doing a lot of work and haven’t seen Heather do much at all.