Below Deck: Eddie Lucas talks new girlfriend, shares why Captain Lee Rosbach asked him to return

Eddie Lucas from Below Deck gets real abut romance and his friendship with Captain Lee Rosbach.
Eddie reveals the real reason Captain Lee asked him to come back to Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck star Eddie Lucas talks about his new girlfriend and shares why Captain Lee Rosbach asked him to return to the hit yachting show.

Season 9 marks Eddie’s fifth season on Below Deck. Eddie took a five-year hiatus after his actions during Season 3, especially cheating on his then-girlfriend with stew Rocky Dakota.

The first-officer grew up a lot during his time away from Below Deck. While Eddie was single during Season 8 of the Bravo show, Season 9 is a whole different story. Eddie briefly mentioned he was in a relationship on the show but didn’t offer many details.

It seems to be a pattern for the first officer who knows the show’s impact on a relationship all too well.

Who is Below Deck star Eddie Lucas’ girlfriend?

Eddie recently stopped by The Domenick Nati Show to chat all things Below Deck. Host Domenick Nati wasted no time asking Eddie about his personal life.

“I am dating someone right now. Yes. Um, that’s pretty much all I’ll say about it. I’d like to keep my private life very private,” Eddie shared.

“She’s a great girl. She keeps me … she keeps me in line. But other than that, I am not going to going to say too much about her. She doesn’t want to be in the limelight. And I don’t want people kind of writing stories about our relationship or making assumptions about what’s going on, ya know. I got burned bad in the past, so I’d like to try to keep that separate.”

The first officer did share a couple of details about his lady love. Eddie spilled she works in fashion and is originally from Brazil. Although they met at a bar in Brooklyn when she lived in New York City, Eddie’s girlfriend just moved to Baltimore.

Eddie admits things are going really well, but he’s in no rush to put a ring on it. Despite being at the stage in his life where he wants to settle down, Eddie doesn’t have plans to propose anytime soon.

Why did Captain Lee Rosbach ask Eddie Lucas to return to Below Deck?

Even though Eddie looked at Season 8 as a redemption season, one of the main reasons Eddie returned was because Captain Lee asked him to.

“I think it was two parts, ya know,” Eddie expressed. “I think I was ready to come back on the show, but also Captain Lee, he and I keep in touch. He told me that Kate wasn’t coming back, and he could really use someone in his corner, someone he knew.”

“He didn’t want to go … after doing so many seasons, he didn’t want to go back and do another one and have a completely green crew. Could he have done that? Of course. I mean, we’re talking about Captain Lee here; he can do it all.”

“But, you know, still, he wants somebody that he knows he can rely on. And knows somebody that … he understands my work ethic.”

Eddie fully credits Captain Lee as being a big reason he finally gave in and returned to Below Deck. The first officer teased a couple of boatmances and some major drama on the show.

Below Deck fans know drunk charter guest Justin Richards crosses a line with the crew and another charter guest. That’s only a small part of what Below Deck viewers can expect in Season 9.

Eddie Lucas gushed over his girlfriend but wouldn’t spill too much tea on her, including revealing her name. He also shared Captain Lee Rosbach asked him to come back because of their close friendship and Eddie’s worth ethic.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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