Captain Lee Rosbach addresses Jake Fougler’s behavior on Below Deck

Captain Lee from Below Deck calls Jake Fougler an 'enigma.'
Captain Lee doesn’t mince words when it comes to deckhand Jake on Below Deck Season 9. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Lee Rosbach has addressed Jake Foulger’s behavior on Below Deck Season 9.

There’s no question that Jake has been quite entertaining this season. From his make-out sessions with Rayna Lindsey and Fraser Olender to him continuously being naked, Jake has certainly given Below Deck viewers a lot to talk about.

Over the past few days, Jake has shed light on a couple of things for Below Deck fans. Jake opened up about his mental health struggles as the New Year kicked off. Then he got real about his relationship status and his friendship with both Fraser and Rayna.

One person not sold on Jake’s actions is Captain Lee. The stud of the sea has already spoken out about Jake stripping down to his birthday suit in public. Thanks to the most recent episode, the captain has brought it up again.

Captain Lee addresses Jake’s naked behavior on Below Deck

It’s no secret that Captain Lee has a weekly blog discussing each Below Deck episode. This week he shared his thoughts on the drama between Rayna and chief stew Heather Chase.

The captain also opened up about what a mystery Jake is to him.

“Jake, you remain an enigma. You’re doing your job well, and I appreciate it. But I don’t think there’s one episode where you are not disrobing at some point or other,” Captain Lee shared.

Captain Lee reveals Jake’s personal actions confuse him

As Below Deck fans know, Jake is engaged. The reason behind it is allegedly because of a green card. However, Jake has also expressed real feelings for his fiancé Paris, but then he turns around and gets his freak on with Rayna.

Captain Lee also talked about Jake’s back and forth actions in his blog.

“I hear you chatting up your girlfriend and telling her you want her to come to Fl with you and you can work together. Not long after that, you’re busting a move on Fraser and totally confusing him, hell confusing me. Then we’re back to the girlfriend and you stating that absence is making your heart grow fonder and you really want her as your real girlfriend. Not long after that revelation, you and Rayna are having a jolly good romp in your bunk after you and Rayna give poor Fraser the boot,” the captain expressed.

It’s easy to see why Captain Lee Rosbach is confused by Jake Foulger’s behavior on the show. One thing is for sure. The Below Deck Season 9 reunion show will be one for the books.

There’s still plenty of the season to play out. Below Deck fans can expect more of naked Jake and Captain Lee’s reaction to him.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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2 years ago

The entire crew is a huge embarrassment thisseason.

Jerri Zimmerman
Jerri Zimmerman
2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

When your young and carefree you do some silly foolish things.. I know I have and some of them were embarrassing to family and friends now at 82 would I do them again..HELL YES! lol

2 years ago

I don’t understand why people think he’s attractive? He’s so gross….messing with two people plus having a gf. He’s not even that good looking