Candy Spelling turned off her comments after Tori Spelling fans questioned why she won’t help

Candy Spelling on the red carpet
Candy Spelling doesn’t want to hear from concerned Tori Spelling fans. Pic credit: ©

Don’t call on Candy Spelling to help her daughter, Tori Spelling, and her grandchildren because she doesn’t want to hear it.

It’s no secret that Candy and Tori don’t have a close mother-daughter relationship.

In fact, they were estranged for years, stunning fans last September when Tori shared a photo taken with her mom and brother, Randy Spelling.

It looks like that reunion wasn’t enough to thaw the ice between the Spelling women, though, because Tori still struggles, and a little help from her mom could go a long way.

After all, Tori is said to be living in an RV with her kids as they tough it out at a campground.

Previously, she was spotted with the kids at a $100-a-night motel amid a split from Dean McDermott.

Candy Spelling turned off her comments on Instagram

Candy Spelling has to know the plight of her family at this point.

After all, the comments section on her Instagram page was full of angry Tori Spelling fans, pleading with her to help get her grandkids out of an RV and into a house.

Two days ago, as the world learned of Tori’s latest living arrangement, Candy took the time to share a video of her roses. She captioned the photo, “I’m happy to report that my roses are blooming!”

That upset quite a few people, who descended on the comment section before it was shut down, reminding Candy that her daughter and grandchildren are struggling to put a roof over their heads, but congratulations on the roses, right?

Page Six caught some of the comments before Candy shut them off, and one standout read, “You say in your profile that you’re a grandmother. Get them out of that RV and into a home.”

Now, Candy’s comment section is bare, and we can’t even compliment her roses as she continues to ignore Tori’s struggle.

Tori Spelling seemingly confirmed Dean McDermott split

Tori Spelling has a lot going on lately as she works to keep a roof over her children’s heads.

She moved out of the family home, citing dangerous mold that she claimed was causing some serious health issues for her family.

Couple that with marital problems that have been rumored for quite some time and Dean McDermott’s confirmation that the pair had called it quits in June.

Tori has never confirmed the split outright, and Dean’s post has since been deleted.

However, TMZ cameras caught up with Tori in July and asked about the alleged split, and she answered them, saying, “I’ve always looked better on my own.”

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