Candiace Dillard ‘will never be in the same room’ with RHOP costar Monique Samuels ‘ever again’

RHOP star Candiace Dillard does not want to be in same room with Monique Williams
Candiace Dillard won’t be in the same room as Monique Samuels. Pic credit: Bravo

Part one of the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion recently aired, and everyone is talking about it!

The women of Potomac didn’t disappoint in Season 5, giving fans more than enough drama to keep their tongues wagging.

One of the most talked-about storylines this season was the fight between Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard.

The former friends caused quite a stir with their confrontation, leaving the cast and some fans divided.

But there were lots of other memorable moments that occurred, especially during the season finale.

Now, Candiace Dillard is reflecting on all the drama that went down during the final episode and she’s also dishing about the Season 5 reunion.

Candiace talks season finale drama

The Real Housewives of Potomac star was a recent guest on the show That Grape Juice and she went into all things Potomac.

During the interview, the 34-year-old also dished about the explosive Season 5 finale which ended in a fight between her husband, Chris Basset, and Ashley Darby’s husband, Michael Darby.

Candiace noted that the confrontation was very out of character for her husband.

“The thing is Chris is not a confrontational person at all. Like he came to the party to support me. He was in the corner by the bar behind where we were with our friends the whole night. He didn’t address Michael, he didn’t speak to Michael or Ashley.”

However, Candiace says the run-in between Chris and Michael was a long time coming.

“There’s always been this tension between the two of them,” admitted Dillard.  “Because Chris has just always been repulsed by the way that Michael tends to speak to women and disrespect them.”

Candiace will never be in the same room with Monique

During the chat, the former beauty queen was asked if she could coexist in the same space as Monique and she vehemently said, “No.”

“I will never be in the same room with her again,” declared Candiace. “She has rendered herself unworthy of my presence.”

It’s not clear how this will work seeing that the two women are still a part of the Potomac cast.

Will Candiace leave the show if Bravo decides to keep Samuels for Season 6?

The last time the two women came face to face was during the Season 5 reunion which was taped a few weeks ago.

It marked the first time that Candiace and the mom-of-three had been in the same room together since their fight.

We’ve already seen part one of the three-part series, but so far there hasn’t been much interaction between the former friends.

What we do know is that things will definitely get heated between the RHOP costars when they discuss the much talked about fight.

Part two of the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion airs Sunday, December 20 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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