Monique Samuels backtracks on Real Housewives of Potomac fight with Candiace Dillard

Is Monique Samuels remorseful about her fight with Candiace Dillard?
Monique Samuels talks fight with Candiace Dillard. Pic credit: Bravo

The long-anticipated fight between Real Housewives of Potomac stars Candiace Dillard and Monique Samuels has finally aired.

And although we’ve been hearing about the shocking altercation that turned physical, seeing how it all went down was nothing short of confusing.

The women all gathered for a night out at a winery to celebrate Gizelle Bryant’s literary award win. The conversation then turned to the severed friendship between Monique and the former pageant queen, and the two started to argue.

Things quickly took a turn for the worse when Monique decided to grab Candiace’s hair and hit her repeatedly on the head.

Cast members and viewers were left shocked at the horrific scene. However, what was even more surprising was Monique’s lack of remorse after the fact!

Now, several months after the mom-of-two has seen how the entire drama went down, it seems she’s finally taking ownership of her behavior.

Monique says Candiace “didn’t deserve all of that”

Monique recently sat down with People to discuss everything that happened before and after her fight with Candiace. While she does believe that Dillard egged her on, she admitted that she feels “Absolutely remorseful” and “Completely foolish.”

Monique explained her mindset during the physical altercation, saying, “It wasn’t just about [Candiace] that night.”

“Once it became physical, my response was that of defending myself, but also that pounding was for every person that has ever done anything to me.” Monique added that her castmate “took a beating for 36 years of built up frustration.”

“For that, I just felt like, ‘Wow, [Candiace] didn’t deserve all of that,'” Monique explained. “I do not excuse my actions. I take full ownership of my part in the altercation.”

Monique tried to quit RHOP after the fight

Monique told People that she wanted to quit RHOP after the fight with Candiace.

“I requested that [Bravo] release me from my contract right after the fight, and we talked about it and they reassured me that whatever I needed to do that would make me feel comfortable they would oblige — and they did,” says Monique.

“I took the fight so seriously that I was like maybe I don’t need to do this show. I have too much to lose…No one should be able to push me to a point of being physical.”

Since the horrifying incident, the four-season alum has been making some meaningful changes in her life.

She explains, “I spoke with my pastor. I ended up hiring a therapist. I just want people to know that this wasn’t something I took lightly. I was very serious about getting the proper help so that nothing like this happens again.”

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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