Candiace Dillard did not want to face Karen Huger at RHOP reunion, says ‘she was not there for me’

Candiace Dillard was not looking forward to seeing Karen Huger at the reunion
Candiace Dillard has a bone to pick with Karen Huger. Pic credit: Bravo

Candiace Dillard admits there was one castmate she was not looking forward to seeing at The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion.

You probably guessed Monique Samuels based on their history and the dramatic turn of events that occurred this season.

But, while the pageant queen was probably not looking forward to seeing her nemesis either, Karen Huger was actually the Housewife Candiace said she did not want to face.

The two women have been at odds this season when Karen refused got pick sides in the feud between Monique and Candiace.

But trying to remain neutral in the situation has caused tension in Candiace and Karen’s once-close friendship.

Candiace did not want to face Karen

Part one of the three-part reunion aired on Sunday and it was an explosive one, to say the least.

The women finally came face to face to confront each other about everything that went on this season.

And they were armed and ready with receipts in hand.

While we haven’t yet seen the faceoff between Karen and Candiace, the 34-year-old admitted recently that she was not looking forward to it.

She chatted about the reunion during an interview for That Grape Juice and confessed that the reunion was intense.

“I think I worked myself up a lot because I was not looking forward to it,” admitted the RHOP star.

“And one of the things I wasn’t looking forward to was having to talk to Karen, face Karen because she– from my perspective –really was not there for me the way that  I needed her to be. The way that I thought that she should have been,” she explained.

Candiace says Karen wanted to be on the other side

The Bravo star continued to dish about her now-severed relationship with her RHOP castmate.

“She did a really good job of playing the fence and riding the fence when what she really wanted to do was be on the other side,” purported Dillard.

When asked about the things she noticed after watching back the season, Candiace shared, “One of the first things I noticed during the altercation was that she ran to check on the other party before coming to check on me, which was telling.”

She continued, “I did notice and I will acknowledge that she half-heartedly gave Monique a slap on the wrist, but…there’s right and there’s wrong and there isn’t an in-between.”

Candiace said she takes issue with the fact that the LaDame fragrance creator wants her to take the same level of culpability in the fight as “the person who lost their cool” and “couldn’t hang with your girl and her verbal acrobatics and had to you know, resort to what they do ’round the zoo.”

The Real Housewives of Potomac Reunion airs Sunday, December 13 at 9:15/8:15c on Bravo.

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