Buckle Me Baby Coats on Shark Tank: What makes this kids’ apparel special and where can you buy it?

Buckle Me Baby Coats is a product every parent living in winter climate needs ASAP.
Dahlia Rizk created Buckle Me Baby Coats out of concern for her own children’s safety. Pic credit: ABC

Buckle Me Baby Coats on Shark Tank has become quite popular thanks to its unique concept that also provides security for parents.

All parents have experienced the challenges of putting a child in a car seat. Those challenges are heightened in the wintertime when a child may be wearing a heavy, bulky coat. Plus, the safety of the car seat becomes less effective if you buckle them in while they are wearing a big coat.

Dahlia Rizk created Buckle Me Baby Coats when she became a mother and experienced her own anxiety over car seat safety in the wintertime. She disagreed with the recommendation by experts of removing her child’s bulky coat before placing them in the car seat.

According to Shark Tank Products, after feeling defeated by the winter coat and car seat safety, Dahlia had a moment of revelation. She realized the issue was the zipper on the coats, so Dahlia came up with an idea to eliminate the problem but not the bulky coat.

What makes this kids’ apparel special?

What makes Buckle Me Baby Coats so special is that the design has a center panel in the coat that pulls apart so the car seat straps can be fastened against the child’s body. The panel can then easily be closed thanks to the Velcro strip, so the coat provides the necessary warmth for the child.

After meeting with multiple coat manufacturers did nothing to help bring Dahlia’s idea to fruition, a Kickstarter campaign was launched in 2017 so she could design her own product. Social media has been pivotal in getting the new product, which has been crash tested to ensure the child is safe at all times, launched,

Now Dahlia hopes one of the sharks on Shark Tank can help her take the unique design to the next level.

Where can you buy Buckle Me Baby Coats?

The coats come in three different varieties of warmth and a slew of vibrant colors kids love. Prices for the coats depend on the warmth level chosen.

One concept Dahlia developed to help families with the price since children grow so fast is a trade-up program. Customers can return any gently used coat and receive $20 off their next purchase. Those gently used coats are then donated to organizations that help provide children with winter coats.

Those interested in these unique yet life-saving products can be purchased on either the company website or Amazon.

Be sure to tune in and find out if any of the sharks take a chance on Dahlia Rizk and Buckle Me Baby Coats on the hit ABC reality TV show.

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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