Brock Thompson wins the $100,000 prize on Bravo’s Spy Games

Brock Thompson will take home $100,000 for winning Spy Games
Brock Thompson wins $100,000 prize on Bravo’s Spy Games

It was an intense couple of weeks for the Spy Games contestants, but it all came to a head last night!

The show, hosted by Mia Kang, started off with 10 hopefuls: Saif Kareem, George Jackson, Brock Thompson, Chelsey Mori, Nika Nour, Charnel Wright, Christina Randall, Colin Hutzler, Mitch Abrams and Jessica Studd.

Each week, the men and women were trained and tested mentally and physically until, one-by-one, the weakest in each challenge was eliminated.

The Top 3

Eventually, it was down to the last 3. Former Air Force medic, 32-year old Brock Thompson, Christina Randall a 35-year old social media influencer, and the youngest in the game, 24-year Chelsey Mori, a law student from California.

Last night the three battled it out, with Chelsey being the first to get eliminated.

It was then down to Brock and Chelsea as the two went head to head – having to put everything they had learned throughout the competition into this one moment.

Brock and Christina are the final 2 contestants on Spy Games
Brock and Christina are the final 2 contestants. Pic credit: Bravo

After an intense spy challenge, both contestants had to make the most convincing case to the judges of why they should be the winner of the show.

The judges, former secret service agent, Evy Poumpouras, former FBI Special Agent Erroll Southers and former CIA case officer Douglas Laux had to admit that it was a close call!

The Winner

Ultimately, Brock Thompson was announced as the first ever winner of Spy Games and even better, the recipient of  $100,000.

Monsters and critics spoke with Brock just last week about what he would do if he won the top prize. Here’s what he said.

“If I reign as Top Spy!! Man, wouldn’t that be exciting????!!!!! I think that I’m overdue for a vacation! Yeah, that sounds fantastic, especially after this accelerated nursing program! I would go on vacation, take my mom with, because she’s been just the best!”

He continued,  “After that, MORE TRIPS! I think it would be just the most fun to do, World Pride, or see as much of the world as I can! I love traveling and going on new adventures! When I’m done with that, and there’s some leftover, donate some to some non-profits I really admire.”

Congratulations to the fearless finalists, and to Brock Thompson for his win.

We can’t wait to see what the next installment of Spy Games will have in store for us.

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