Bridezillas exclusive: Evelyn takes aim at venue owner RL as they clash over pretty much everything

Evelyn on Bridezillas
Evelyn pops off at venue owner RL as the two argue over how to decorate. Pic credit: WEtv

Evelyn Ufomadu and Joseph Palmer are getting married. She wants this two-ceremony wedding to be everything she’s ever dreamed of, but this is Bridezillas, so we know everything probably won’t go as planned.

Many brides dream of their wedding day (or in her case, days), and they have very specific ideas about what they want and how they want it.

But in Evelyn’s case, she takes her wedding day demands to a whole new level.

Evelyn takes aim at RL

Evelyn and venue owner RL clearly don’t get along. It’s obvious from the time that Evelyn walks in.

As she and Joseph walked into the room, she announces, “Well, hello. The queen has arrived!”

But she’s not the only one who is confident in herself. In the confessional, Evelyn takes aim at RL, talking about how he runs his wedding venue.

“This man gonna be a diva, I can tell,” Evelyn says. “Look at him! ‘My venue is the best.'”

Sparks continue to fly after Evelyn tells RL she wants the venue to be decorated in pink and purple. Then, she very rudely asks RL, “Is that confusing?”

It’s not clear if he’s teasing or serious when he says, “I like red.”

She didn’t think it was funny, though. Evelyn made it clear that RL is “just providing the venue” before telling him to stay in his lane.

Bridezilla star continues to argue with RL

“She doesn’t know what she’s doing. She should let us do our job. We’ll get this done for her if she lets the professionals handle it,” RL says in the confessional.

Then Evelyn says to RL, “If you want this to be a success, just do what I say. Make the Evelyn brand a success, okay?”

The two then argue about the wedding planning, with RL asking Evelyn not to embarrass him. She asks how he would be embarrassed on her wedding day.

With the way these two are fighting, RL must really want Evelyn’s money because the way she’s talking to him is why they call her a Bridezilla for sure.

But Evelyn might have some reason to be concerned because RL admits that he’s never hosted a Nigerian wedding before, and he doesn’t really know how to set it all up.

He insists that he knows “what works” for his venue, but that’s not necessarily what Evelyn wants.

This will be a dramatic episode of Bridezillas as Evelyn and RL clash over literally every aspect of the wedding planning.

Check out this sneak peek below, and tune in to see if things turned out the way she wanted or if Evelyn really loses her cool.

Bridezillas airs Thursdays at 10/9c on WEtv.

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