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Bride & Prejudice exclusive: Marveline has a surprise for Kareem

Kee Kee’s mom Marveline has been skeptical about whether or not Kareem is the right fit for her daughter, and now, she wants to put him to the test — a lie detector test — on the next episode of Bride & Prejudice.

In this Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love exclusive sneak peek, Kareem is summoned to an address to take a test.

When he gets there, he’s met by a man who tells him that he’s there to take a lie detector test.

Marveline wants Kareem to take a lie detector test

Kee Kee’s mom Marveline doesn’t trust Kareem and she doesn’t think he’s mature enough to be marrying her daughter and acting as a father figure to her grandchild.

It’s pretty clear that she doesn’t trust him either. But is blindsiding Kareem with a lie detector test the way to find out if he’s the real deal?

When Kareem first walks in, the man tells Kareem that Marveline has some questions that she wants to ask in order to feel comfortable with him marrying Kee Kee.

“I’m an open book, I’m an open guy. She can ask me those questions,” Kareem says.

Then, he realizes that he’s looking at a lie detector test.

“That’s it, you nailed it,” the man responds. “I’m a polygraph examiner.”

After Kareem was questioned about his “concern” about taking a lie detector test, he explains.

“It is a concern because where I’m from, this is a no-no,” Kareem says. “It’s a no-no to take a lie detector test. Criminals take those. I’m neither a criminal nor a future prisoner. I feel like this is very extreme.”

Kareem is clearly very uncomfortable with the idea of taking a lie detector test and continues to explain why he is not okay with taking the test.

“I’ve been nothing but good in my life and I have nothing to hide but this is like we’re jumping too far,” Kareem continues.

The polygraph examiner stops him mid-sentence and explains, “Polygraph test are completely voluntary and number two, they are used all the time for lots of other things.”

He even says that many of his clients are people in relationships that just want to get to the truth.

Kareem rejects the idea

That’s not enough to convince Kareem though and he’s just not willing to submit to the test, even saying that his dad took one before going to prison and he’s worked way too hard to go down that path too.

Can we really blame Kareem for not wanting to take a polygraph test even though that’s what Marveline wants? Is he hiding something?

Last week, we watched Kareem get called out by Pastor Cal and even by Willi’s dad when he dropped several excuses about why he hasn’t made nice with Marveline, and now, this isn’t going to make her happy either.

Kareem shows up to Marveline's house and is faced witha lie detector test
Kareem is faced with a lie detector test because Kee Kee’s mom doesn’t trust him. Pic credit: Lifetime

Bride & Prejudice airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime. 

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