Bride & Prejudice exclusive: Kareem needs to grow up but he doesn’t know how

Kareem gets called out on Bride & Prejudice
Kareem gets called out on Bride & Prejudice. Pic credit: Lifetime

This week on Bride & Prejudice, Pastor Cal is meeting up with the couples and their families to tackle some of the issues that they can’t seem to get past.

When it comes to Kareem, he seems to have all the excuses but has done nothing to take action.

In this exclusive Bride & Prejudice sneak peek,  Kareem goes so far as to say that he wants to grow up and be a man but that he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do.

When Kareem is confronted about his immaturity, he asks Pastor Cal to define what it means to be mature. He doesn’t seem to understand what everyone means when they tell him that it’s time to start acting like a man.

Pastor Cal gives Kareem the basics

Even Pastor Cal can see that Kareem needs to work on himself. But, as he put it, the Bride & Prejudice star wants to be “spoon-fed” as he works to become independent, and that’s the whole problem.

It seems that Kareem wants to talk about what he wants, and he’s not willing to put forth the effort and really put in the work. That is frustrating for everyone, not just Kiandria’s family.

So when Kareem tells Pastor Cal that he “feels the same way” as when he started the show, the Bride & Prejudice host looks irritated.

“Kareem wants to be treated like an adult, but he wants to be spoon-fed,” Pastor Cal explains in a green screen interview.

“He has to figure out some of this on his own. I’m just giving him the basics. I’m giving him a blueprint for success.”

Kareem gets called out on Bride & Prejudice
Kareem gets called out on Bride & Prejudice. Pic credit: Lifetime

Kareem gets called out

Pastor Cal, who has been dealing out relationship advice for years on Married at First Sight, talks about commitment. He tells Kareem that part of being a grown-up is just coming home at a reasonable hour.

He also points out that Kiandria’s mother has said that Kareem can call her up and talk to her so they can work out their issues and get closer to each other.

When Pastor Cal asks if he has done that yet, Kareem says he has taken steps to do it.

And that’s when Willi’s dad can’t take it anymore and speaks up.

“Just go do it!” He tells Kareem. “Just go freaking do it, no excuses!”

Kareem tried to counter, claiming that everyone wants you to “be better” but won’t tell you how to do it.

Then, Willi’s dad fired back, “Get in the car, drive to Alabama, grab the lady, take her to dinner… just do it! It’s tiring to hear that!”

It sounds like Kareem has been told what he needs to do over and over.

Now, will he just do it?

Bride & Prejudice airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime. 

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