Bride & Prejudice exclusive: Chris keeps his cool while Kelly drinks wine, takes aim at his tattoos and talks communism

Chris and Kelly on Bride & Prejudice
It’s a wonder that Chris stays calm as Kelly grills him about communism and hates on his tattoos. Pic credit: Lifetime

This week on Bride & Prejudice, we’ll see even more family drama as Chris spends some time with his future mother-in-law, Kelly.

The problem is, Kelly takes issue with pretty much everything about Chris, and she’s not afraid to tell him about it either.

Kelly has a hard time coming to terms with Chris’ Korean roots, something that he is very proud of. To her, it equates to Communism as Kelly is someone who lived through the Korean War and all the propaganda that came with it.

To make matters even worse, Kelly hates tattoos, and Chris has several. Again, he loves them and is very proud.

Chris has tattoos and Kelly hates them

“I know you don’t like tattoos,” Chris says as he pulls up his sleeve and proudly shows them off.

“I just don’t like tattoos,” Kelly says with a shrug.

“But do you think it reflects badly on her, though?” Chris asks his future mother-in-law, who is quick to say that yes, she does think they reflect badly.

“It comes from my childhood, it comes from being in corporate America, it comes from…” Kelly explains before Chris cuts her off.

“You don’t think that’s shallow?” he asks.

And clearly, she doesn’t think it’s shallow, explaining to Chris, “If I walked up to somebody with a bone in their nose, I would go ‘Why do you live in America with a bone in your nose?'”

It’s not clear why she would go up to someone with a bone in their nose and say anything about it but carry on.

Then, the subject turned to Communism

After Chris made it abundantly clear that he would get as many tattoos as he wants and do whatever he wants with his body, the topic switched to his ethnicity, which happens to be Korean.

With most of his family being from North Korea, Kelly has a lot of questions, mostly about Communism and not about culture.

Kelly wants to know if Chris’ mom was raised Communist or if her parents were. Chris asks why that’s the part of his culture that she is curious about. Her response is, “That’s all we hear about.”

After Kelly says that “they” raise their kids to hate Americans, Chris tells her, “Well, I’m not the Manchurian Candidate, and I’m not like a sleeper agent.”

Then, Chris got real and told Kelly that her opinion on his family is hurtful because, despite it not being all of who he is, he is very proud of his Korean background.

The real gut punch is when Chris reminds Kelly that if he and Blair have a baby together, it will be a mixed-race baby.

When he asked if she would be bothered by that, she admitted that it might bother her “a little bit.”

Chris and Kelly on Bride & Prejudice
It’s a wonder that Chris stays calm as Kelly grills him about communism and hates on his tattoos. Pic credit: Lifetime

What is Bride & Prejudice about?

Bride & Prejudice on Lifetime takes a look at couples who are planning their weddings but face issues with blending their families because one or more family member doesn’t approve.

The reality TV series takes a deeper look at how race, religion, and sexual orientation can cause stress for couples who want to get married and be together forever.

Without the approval of their families, some people struggle. That is the case for many couples featured on this Lifetime series.

Be sure to check out the entire Bride & Prejudice exclusive sneak peek above to see all of Kelly’s eye rolls as she and Chris try to hash out their differences.

Bride & Prejudice airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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