Briana DeJesus explains why she walked ‘off set’ during Teen Mom 2 reunion

Briana DeJesus during the Teen Mom 2 reunion
Briana DeJesus explains why she stormed off during part one of the Teen Mom 2 reunion Pic credit: MTV

Part one of the Teen Mom 2 reunion aired Tuesday night with Nessa Diab and Dr. Drew Pinsky as the hosts.

Leah Messer reflected on her journey this past season as she opened up about her recovery and the process of writing her book Hope, Grace, and Faith. Her exes Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert finally put their issues with one another to rest and said they’d moved on.

Jade Cline shared the current status of her relationship with Sean Austin. Her mother joined to talk about her contentious relationship with Sean and apologized for sharing the video of him supposedly planting drug paraphernalia in her bedroom.

Part one of the reunion ended with Briana DeJesus as she and her baby daddy Devoin Austin talked about their co-parenting relationship, particularly the financial drama that went on between them all season.

When Devoin talked about his restaurant job and how the pandemic had hurt his income, he said Briana should be able to pick up his slack while he wasn’t making money.

When Dr. Drew said that Devoin made a valid point, Briana became frustrated and walked off the stage. Now, Briana is speaking out about why she chose to walk away.

Briana explains walk-off during her segment in Teen Mom 2 reunion

Following the reunion, Briana took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the reunion thus far.

In her post, she explained the reason why she walked away from filming. She said, “1st and foremost. I walked off “set” because I didn’t want to repeat the same fight we’ve been having for the last few years. Wasn’t worth it. Didn’t wanna drain my energy.”

Briana DeJesus clarifies why she walked off the "set" of the Teen Mom 2 reunion
Briana DeJesus clarifies why she walked off the “set” of the Teen Mom 2 reunion. Pic credit: @xobrianadej/Twitter

Briana has been fighting with Devoin for quite some time about his lack of support for their daughter Stella and she claimed she was sick of having the same conversation.

Fans react to Briana’s explanation

Fans had mixed reactions to Briana’s explanation. Some were supportive but others questioned her reasoning.

One fan wondered why she was so hard on Devoin but didn’t put the same amount of pressure on Luis Hernandez, her other baby daddy.

The fan asked, “But why aren’t you fighting with Luis who literally doesn’t see his kid??? So you won’t fight with him cuz he gives you money??? Sis make it make sense.”

Briana responded, “I do fight with Luis, nobody sees it cause he refused to film now lol also Luis never fights back with me. He lets me argue by myself and never replies back to me.”

Fan reacts to Briana DeJesus' Twitter post
Fan reacts to Briana DeJesus’ Twitter post Pic credit: @_CaitlinW/Twitter
Another fan thought the real reason she left was that she got mad that Dr. Drew sided with Devoin.
They said, “No you walked off when dr. Drew told you he didn’t agree with you!”
Briana blamed editing and said, “No, there was a lot more said before I walked off. Editing is key baby.”
Fan accuses Briana of walking off because Dr. Drew agreed with Devoin
Fan accuses Briana of walking off because Dr. Drew agreed with Devoin. Pic credit: @mchristinak4/Twitter
Regardless of the reason why Briana walked off, previews of what’s to come on part two of the reunion showed Briana returning to the set and finishing the conversation. The previews also showed Briana joined by her mother and her sister.
Whether or not Briana and Devoin will be able to work through their differences remains to be seen. Fans can tune in next week for part two of the Teen Mom 2 reunion to find out what happens next.
Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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