Bri and Chris release new album as they win the first season of The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart

Bri and Chris
Bri and Chris won Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart. Pic credit: ABC

The first season of The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart wrapped last night and the winners were announced.

Bri and Chris won the first season of the show and convinced the judges that they had a stronger romantic connection than Trevor and Jamie.

Bri and Chris had a good relationship from the beginning, and they continued to work on both the relationship and their music as the competition continued.

It came as no surprise when they were announced the winners, and according to an update at the end of the episode, the two are still madly in love today.

Bri and Chris reveal their new album after winning Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart

What did come as a surprise is that Bri and Chris managed to record an album before the pandemic shut everything down.

Fans loved hearing their music on the show, and now they can listen to it at home. The Instagram account @bachelorteaspill shared info on the release of Bri and Chris’ debut album.

The album features five songs from the show and five original songs.

Bri and Chris
Bri and Chris have a new album out after they won The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart. Pic credit: @bachelorteaspill/Instagram

Bri even shared the news on her Instagram, revealing that the album is simply called Chris and Bri.

Based on their popularity on the show, it doesn’t sound like this will be the last we’ll hear from the couple. And it wasn’t just fans of The Bachelor franchise who were surprised to hear their performances.

As the show was airing, Bachelor alum Peter Weber chimed in on Instagram, sharing that Bri and Chris wowed him with their performance.

Bri and Chris were frontrunners the entire season

Bri and Chris were a power couple from the first time they revealed they would pair up together. It wasn’t until the finale that Bri started to question some things, but her concerns mostly centered around performance and connection on stage, not her love and dedication to Chris.

Other than Chris and Bri’s blossoming connection, fans got some drama from some of the other contestants. Savannah and Brandon were caught up in drama with Julia, leaving Sheridan as the victim in the entire thing. Julia continued to cause trouble until she was eliminated alongside Sheridan. Trevor and Jamie were the only other couple to make it to the finale.

The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart is currently on hiatus.

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