Brennan and Cameron explain double date situation at the MAFS reunion

MAFS stars Cameron Frazer and Brennan Shoykhet screenshot
Cameron Frazer and Brennan Shoykhet explain double date claims. Pic credit: Lifetime

When Part 2 of the Married at First Sight reunion plays out you’ll see Brennan Shoykhet and Cameron Frazer in the hot seat.

Earlier in the season, the claims were that Cameron — who had already called it quits with his wife Clare Kerr — wanted to go on a double date with Brennan.

The problem though is that Brennan’s wife Emily Balch was hopeful that their marriage had made a turn for the better.

However, she was dealt a devastating blow in Episode 19 when Clare visited her apartment and told her that Brennan was not a good guy.

“I’ve heard through the grapevine he wanted to go on a double date with Cameron and that he is going on dates,” Clare told a tearful Emily.

Now it’s time for Brennan and Cameron to explain themselves as reunion host Kevin Frazier gets to the bottom of the accusation.

Brennan and Cameron are grilled on the double date situation at the MAFS reunion

“I wanna talk real quick about the double date situation,” says Kevin in the reunion teaser.

Cameron attempts an explanation and gets an immediate reaction from Clare and Emily, who are already crying.

“It’s so embarrassing,” says Emily with her head down.

As Cameron asks to continue his explanation, Clare responds “Oh go ahead continue to lie.”

“What is he lying about,” queries Brennan.

In a confusing twist, Emily throws out a claim we’ve never heard about Brennan wanting to sleep with her best friend.

However, he retorts, “You just admitted before that that rumor was clearly not true.”

“It doesn’t matter,” says Emily.

Emily tearfully walks off the reunion stage during the double date conversation

Emily and Clare had no desire to hear the explanation from their exes, but that didn’t stop Kevin from trying to get some answers.

You both can continue scheming the way you have this entire time,” says Clare in the teaser, “I’m not gonna be a part of it anymore.”

Brennan responds and after a short banter, he then attempts to explain the double date situation.

“We went to a bar, it was after that one-month mark where we had that dinner,” starts Brennan. “Where you guys were separated and her and I were… ”

“You were still working on your marriage, but okay,” interjects Clare.

That’s when things start to get muddled with Clare, Brennan, and Emily all trying to speak simultaneously.

Kevin tries to get things back on track, saying “Guy, guys, guys hold on for a second” but Emily is over it.

“That’s it, I’m done,” she says, walking off the stage still in tears.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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