Brayden from The Bachelorette reflects on show, sends Charity Lawson a message

Brayden on The Bachelorette
Brayden has some things to say about his The Bachelorette experience. Pic credit: ABC

Charity Lawsn sent The Bachelorette villain Brayden Bowers packing this week, much to the delight of many of her other male suitors.

Brayden made waves in the house all season, butting heads with the guys, especially Aaron Bryant.

However, when he revealed his doubts to Charity, it became crystal clear The Bachelorette was not the place for him.

Now that his stint on the show has come to an end, Brayden did a little reflection on the experience.

Taking to Instagram, Brayden spilled it was incredible while also expressing his gratitude for the opportunity. The ABC reality TV show also helped Brayden take a good look at himself and, as it turns out, helped him overcome some things he never wanted to face.

“This experience was extremely challenging and pushed me, but in an interesting way helped me overcome a lot of things that were buried, that I had thought I had overcome through years of counseling,” he wrote as part of a lengthy caption.

Along with his reflection, Brayden had a message for Charity.

Brayden Bowers pens message to The Bachelorette’s Charity Lawson

There are no hard feelings from Brayden’s point of view after getting sent home from The Bachelorette. Brayden gushed over Charity, calling her “an amazing woman.”

Then he went on to give her thanks for getting him excited about maybe finding love again.

“Being around you reminded me of all the giddiness that comes when you’re falling for someone. I had doubts that I’d ever be excited about someone. I worried for the longest time that my heart no longer worked (as cheesy as that sounds), but to be honest you helped show me that it does,” Brayden expressed.

Brayden may no longer be on The Bachelorette, but he’s excited to see how things end for her. He doubled down on gushing over the amazing person that she is and the happiness that she deserves.

Although the pressure got to him, Brayden’s grateful to Charity for helping reignite something in him.

Charity wasn’t the only one who got a message from Brayden after his departure.

Brayden Bowers has more words for Bachelor Nation

The IG post also had a section where Brayden gave a shout-out to all those who make The Bachelorette.

Brayden also thanked Bachelor Nation for the “love and support.” While he knows that he’s not for everyone, Brayden appreciates those that have rushed to defend him during this experience.

There was even a little blip for the other men who are fighting to win Charity’s heart.

“To the guys: I’m sure I’ll be seeing y’all. 👀😶,” was the message.

Brayden Bowers ended his The Bachelorette reflection Instagram post by encouraging people to tune into the show and stick with Charity Lawson until the end.

Were you happy to see Brayden go, or did you want him to stick around?

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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2 months ago

Very happy to see him go…he should have been gone week 1.

2 months ago

I think he was honest and I like his quirkiness. Being drop-dead gorgeous helps, and can even deal with the earrings although some of them were a bit over the top. He made the show interesting actually. The rest of the guys might be nice guys but … kinda “flat”. So far anyway. Actually think they might have been a bit jealous of how free and open and “himself” Brayden could be. Loosen up, guys. Hope to see Brayden on the Island show.