Brayden Bowers blasted for proposing to Christina Mandrell at The Golden Bachelor wedding

Brayden Bowers and Christina Mandrell at The Golden Bachelor wedding
Brayden Bowers proposed to Christina Mandrell at The Golden Bachelor wedding. Pic credit: Disney/James Clark

Two people stole the show at The Golden Bachelor wedding earlier this week.

Kathy Swarts was one of them, as she emceed the pre-ceremony event and made inappropriate jokes that left Bachelor Nation reeling.

Brayden Bowers is another after he dropped to one knee and pulled out a ring, proposing to new-ish girlfriend Christina Mandrell.

It was a sweet moment – and it got this Bachelor in Paradise alum plenty of attention.

The biggest Bachelor Nation proposal of the year (so far) went down after Brayden and Christina arrived at the biggest wedding of the year and gushed about their new love and matching outfits.

And even though Jesse Palmer assured everyone that Brayden called ahead and got Gerry Turner’s permission to pop the question, he still managed to ruffle a few feathers.

Bachelor Nation takes aim at Brayden Bowers for stealing Gerry and Theresa’s shine

It seems that some of The Golden Bachelor viewers did not care if Brayden got permission beforehand or not – they were not there for this proposal and are taking aim at the BIP star.

The Golden Bachelor Instagram account shared a picture of the newly engaged couple, with Christina showing off her gorgeous engagement ring.

They captioned the photo, “We love love!! Congrats to the newest Bachelor Nation fiancées.”

But much of Bachelor Nation was not having it.

One fan wrote, “Tacky to do this at someone else’s wedding…..”

Another agreed and made it clear not to do that to them, writing, “Do not propose at my wedding. Thanks.”

Yet another wrote, “it gave me the Ick. At someone else’s wedding???”

And it doesn’t seem to matter if Brayden had permission because another acknowledged that and said it’s still a no. They wrote, “I don’t care if they got permission to do it. It was tacky and tasteless to even ask if you COULD do it.”

Comments section on Brayden Bowers proposal photo
Brayden Bowers is catching heat from Bachelor Nation for proposing at Gerry and Theresa’s wedding. Pic credit: @thegoldenbachelor/Instagram

Brayden Bowers and Christina Mandrell are a brand-new couple

Some Bachelor in Paradise fans may be scratching their heads over Brayden’s wedding night proposal.

After all, his relationship with Christina Mandrell is really new.

We only learned that they were dating back in December as Season 9 of Bachelor in Paradise ended, and an update announced that Brayden and Christina started dating.

That was less than a month ago! But it’s no secret that Brayden knows how to make an impression.

At The Golden Bachelor wedding, Brayden revealed he was heading to Tennessee to live with Christina, which was already a big surprise for everyone.

Then, jaws dropped when he proposed, as it seemed that they barely even knew each other.

We’ll be keeping watch to see how Brayden and Christina’s seemingly brand-new relationship plays out.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus.

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