Braxton Family Values exclusive: Traci and Evelyn’s heart-to-heart

Traci and Evelyn on Braxton Family Values
Traci and Evelyn sit down for a chat. Pic credit: WEtv

The Braxton Family Values Season 7 finale has arrived with episode 6 titled Sister Staycation, and in this episode, the Braxton family will have an opportunity to come a little closer together.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, there’s still a lot going on for the Braxton family. Toni’s single is coming out and we’ve worked our way up to Towanda’s wedding.

Now, as the season winds down, we have an exclusive sneak peek from the finale, and in it, Traci and Evelyn have a heart-to-heart.

Evelyn and Traci have a conversation

On the final episode of Season 7, Evelyn and Traci sit down for a serious chat about family, their roles in it, and how they’re feeling about where they stand.

Traci makes it clear to her mom that she doesn’t feel like she has a personal connection and that, as just one of the siblings, she’s getting grouped in with what others are doing and no one is seeing her as one single woman, parent, and grandparent.

She told her mother, “I just want to be valued.”

Traci is a middle child and she clearly is feeling that “middle child syndrome” where she feels a bit ignored and left out. And it really may have seemed that way for her because she has such a big family.

Evelyn responded favorably to what Traci was saying, telling her daughter, “I understand and you are valued. Most definitely.”

The Braxton matriarch went on to tell Traci, “Words cannot express how proud I am of you.”

As the tears flowed, Evelyn explained that she had six kids to raise when they were growing up and she admitted that she was not perfect.

“If I’d have been a grandmother first, I’d have been a perfect mother,” Evelyn explained.

We seem to see the two women healing from past hurts as Evelyn proclaimed, “Look at God!” And then held her hands out for a big hug.

Drama leading up to the Braxton Family Values finale

While it looks like Traci and her mom were able to overcome some things during their tearful heart-to-heart, this season has seen its fair share of drama.

From the beginning of Season 7 when Tamar and Toni discussed who would and would not be attending the bachelorette party to Tamar’s proclamation that the event was “nasty.” 


The Braxton Family Values Season 7 finale airs Thursday, December 17 at 9/8c on WE tv.

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