Brandon’s mom puts Julia to work right away and 90 Day Fiance viewers are waiting for her to freak out

90 Day Fiance Julia Trubkina
Julia is quickly learning that she’s expected to put in the work while living on the farm with fiance Brandon and his family on 90 Day Fiance. Pic credit: TLC

When Julia Trubkina moved from Russia to America to begin her life with her fiance Brandon Gibbs, she was probably hoping to get some time to adjust to her new life.

After all, on top of moving to a new country, Julia and Brandon also moved in with his parents on their family farm.

In the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance, however, Julia got a rude awakening when she found out that she was expected to help out on the farm immediately.

Now, fans are just waiting for her inevitable freakout.

Brandon’s mom didn’t give Julia a choice

While touring her new home, Julia was taken to see some of the farm animals that the family raised.

The first stop was the chicken coop where Brandon’s mom, Betty, attempts to help Julia overcome her fear of letting the chickens eat out her hand.

“And tomorrow, you get to get the eggs and feed them, okay?” Betty says.

Jokingly, Julia tells Brandon, “You remember when I [said] I [would] help you? Forget this.”

Next, they moved on to the goats and then the pigs, where Julia had the hardest time.

Julia explained that she likes animals, but not when she’s expected to care for them this way. She said that she prefers pets to farm animals.

As they wrapped up with the pigs, Betty said to Julia, “Tomorrow, don’t forget you just have to climb over and then go in and put their food in their bowls, and they’ll eat. They won’t hurt you, I promise.”

And while Brandon and his family’s expectations of Julia may seem minor, she shared that it would have been nice if they had given her a choice.

“I want to help Brandon but [his] mother [did] not think [to] ask me, ‘Julia, you want [to] help? Or you don’t want [to] help? How [do] you feel?” she later told producers.

Fans are just waiting for Julia to freak out

After her less than thrilling first encounter with the farm animals, 90 Day Fiance fans are anticipating that Julia will eventually freak out about it.

“Brandon and his parents get on my nerves so much. Brandon hides stuff from Julia…Brandon’s folks think she can’t share a room with her fiance but she’s family enough to work on that smell a** farm FOR FREE and tell her what to do and when to wake up [eye roll emoji] wackos,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another fan pointed out that a freakout is inevitable for poor Julia.

“I just know Julia gonna snap soon, it’s all building up,” they wrote.

Considering that Julia hasn’t been in America for more than a hot minute, Brandon’s parents wasted no time in laying out their expectations of her. And, as fans have pointed out, the girl needs some time to adjust.

Clearly, Brandon’s parents don’t plan on allowing Julia to have an adjustment period. Will she quickly adapt? Or will she crumble under the weight of Betty’s expectations?

Knowing 90 Day Fiance, either outcome will include a freakout.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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