Brandon and Julia on 90 Day Fiance: Everything you need to know

Brandon from Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance.
Brandon and Julia are a new couple this season on 90 Day Fiance. Pic Credit: TLC

Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance is here and even though some OG couples are returning, new couples will also be taking their chances to test their long-distance love.

This season, farm boy Brandon will have 90 days to figure out if his Russian Go-Go dancer girlfriend, Julia, can fit into his world.

How did a farm boy from Virginia meet a Go-Go dancer from Russia?

Brandon met Julia through video chat while his friends were vacationing in Russia. Julia was performing as a go-go dancer at a club and Brandon’s friends decided to video chat with him so he could see her.

He recalls thinking that she was the “most beautiful girl” he had ever seen and that his first message to her was something like “you look like my future wife.”

From that point, the couple spent every spare moment talking and just a few weeks later Brandon made the trip to Russia to meet her.

Although Julia originally applied for a visitor’s visa, she was denied after telling the consulate that Brandon was her boyfriend. They encouraged her to apply for the K-1 visa instead.

Brandon decided that he didn’t want to be without her, so he invited her to Iceland where he proposed.

Season 8 might bring another surprise for the couple

During the season’s teaser, Brandon is heard saying, “I may look like an innocent boy but when my mom goes away…” followed by him and his foreign girlfriend jumping naked into a jacuzzi.

While his parents encouraged him to date, they didn’t expect a dancer from Russia.

Initially signing him up for an online farmer’s dating service, they hoped for a girl similar to his background.

With Julia’s arrival, they realized she may not fit in his conservative town. His mother is afraid that people are automatically going to think her son is with a stripper.

Although his parents came when picking her up from the airport, their approval quickly begins to fade.

His father ultimately warns him to not make a stupid decision and asks if he’s willing to give up the family’s farm for his new love.

Later in the season, they’ll be faced with a new obstacle in their relationship. Julia is seen reading a positive pregnancy test.

Brandon, with a shocked look on his face, says, “You’re joking right?”

The fun-loving couple will have to get serious quickly if they find out they have a child on the way.

Do you think Julia and Brandon will make their relationship work in America?

90 Day Fiance Season 8 premieres Sunday, December 6 at 8/7c  on TLC.

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