Brando Meyer hilariously shades fellow castaway Brandon Donlon after Survivor 45

Brando On Survivor 45
Survivor 45 featured Brandon “Brando” Meyer as one of the castaways. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Two players named Brandon were on the Survivor 45 cast: Brandon Meyer and Brandon Donlon.

To make it easier on the fans at home, Brandon Meyer went by Brando, but both players were voted out before the jury phase.

Brando just shared a hilarious post on social media. In it, he discusses having two Brandons on the show. It was the prop in the video that drew the laughs.

Lulu Tribe had a difficult path on Survivor 45. Four original Lulu members became the first four people eliminated this past season.

Hannah Rose quit at the first Tribal Council, and Brandon Donlon was voted out at the second Tribal Council.

Sabiyah Broderick and Sean Edwards were eliminated third and fourth, leading to fans joking that the tribe had been cursed. Brando Meyer made it to the fifth Tribal Council, but that’s where his game ended.

A Survivor season with two Brandons

“I’ve seen a lot of comments comparing Brandon from the Lulu Tribe and I,” Brando says at the beginning of his social media video.

“You know, at the end of the day, we’re all friends, you know. It’s not about which Brandon lasted longer. It’s not about anything like that,” Brando continues as he pans the camera he is holding.

“But anyways, hope you’re all doing well,” he says as the video cuts out.

The narration for the video was meant to set up the viewer, as when Brando shifted his camera, he revealed that he was successfully climbing a ladder.

This is humorous because Brandon Donlon struggled with a ladder on the first Survivor 45 episode. After completing an extensive swim to a boat, the players had to climb up a rope ladder on the side of that boat.

Brandon couldn’t get up the ladder and eventually had to have someone come back and help him on the boat. It set back the Lulu Tribe and became a conversation topic for Survivor fans and fellow players that season.

More Survivor news

A Survivor 46 teaser trailer was released to give fans a look at the new players. It provides unique footage from the auditions of those castaways.

Many Survivor 45 players descended upon In-N-Out Burgers as soon as they returned to Los Angeles from Fiji.

As for the Brandons, the Instagram post below shows they are doing well post-Survivor.

Survivor 45 episodes are available for streaming on Paramount+ – including the season premiere where Brandon Donlon struggled with that rope ladder.

The upcoming season of Survivor has already been filmed in Fiji and features 18 new players competing for the $1 million prize.

Survivor returns on February 28 on CBS.

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