Brake Free on Shark Tank: What makes this motorcycle equipment special and where can you buy it?

What is Brake Free on Shark Tank?
Brake Free makes motorcycle riding a little safer. Pic credit: ABC

Brake Free on Shark Tank has motorcycle riders buzzing. The new product has fans of the hit ABC show wondering what makes the motorcycle equipment so special and where Brake Free can be bought.

After all, any piece of equipment that can make a motorcycle a little safer is a win.

What makes Brake Free special?

According to the company website, Brake Free’s motto is “Be Seen To Be Safe.” The product is a brake light that attaches to a motorcycle helmet to help make the bike and driver more visible at night.

Alex Arkhangelskiy and Henry Li created the smart LED brake light for motorcycle helmets. The idea came to Henry while he was working in Silicon Valley as a tech entrepreneur.

Henry, a motorcycle lover, was always concerned with safety since the brake lights on a bike are low and small. Enter Brake Free, a series of small LED lights that are triggered when braking or decreasing speed.

The best part is the wireless smart light can be attached to any motorcycle helmet. It runs on batteries for about 8 to 10 hours and can easily be charged within a couple of hours.

Although the prototype of Brake Free was launched n 2014, it didn’t take off until 2017, thanks to an IndieGoGo campaign.

Where to buy Brake Free?

One of the reasons Alex and Henry went on Shark Tank was to help expand their distribution of Brake Free. The company has struggled with manufacturing, and the help of one of the sharks could do just that.


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Right now, the smart light can only be purchased on the website and Amazon. The co-founders planned on expanding their limited-production for the Brake Free, but the coronavirus pandemic squashed it.

Brake Free will run the consumer for about $170 with various options of accident protection plans. One thing buyers don’t have to worry about is the weather. All lights are weather resistant.

Henry and Alex want to expand their business to include other items that can help with motorcycle safety. They have a list of ideas but just need some financial backing to take the company to the next level.

Brake Free sounds like one of those ideas that make people go, “wow, I wish I thought of that.” It can change the landscape for motorcycle riders if the products can get the right support behind them.

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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