Bowie Jane returns to social media, shares photo with Jag’s family

Bowie Jane BB25 Finale
Bowie Jane finished third place on Big Brother 25. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

The Big Brother 25 season has ended, and the houseguests are back in the wild.

Jag Bains was crowned the winner, and Cameron Hardin became America’s Favorite Houseguest.

Many players have been hanging out together in the days following the finale.

Todrick Hall from Celebrity Big Brother even hosted a party at his home.

Cirie Fields showed up at the parties, even though she has long-sought freedom from her fellow houseguests.

With that freedom, the houseguests got their phones back, leading to intriguing social media contact.

Bowie Jane returns to social media

“Just got my phone back …. Insane…. Wow what a wild experience ….. love this crew soooooooo much,” Bowie Jane wrote on Facebook.

“Congrats to my buddy and ‘mafia boss’ @thejagbains on his insanely good win. What a legend. Love love love u jag and matt and your families r ADORABLE ❤️ Will put a proper message up later xxx,” continued her shoutout to Jag Bains.

The picture she shared with the post included her parents, Jag, and part of Jag’s family. Everyone was smiling after the season ended.

Bowie Jane gets a haircut

While inside the house, Bowie Jane had noted several times that she wanted to clean up her hair. She had been doing it for herself for months, but it was time to see a professional.

“First stop out of the @bigbrothercbs house – getting a hairy with the legendary @carbonecuts !!! She had quite the mess to fix up haha… 4 months of chopping it myself 🤯,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

Bowie Jane shared a photo of her new look on the post and featured the stylist who helped her achieve it.

Bowie Jane parties with Matt Klotz

Matt Klotz was also featured in a post from Bowie Jane. Matt finished second place on BB25, taking home a $75,000 prize.

“Love uuuuuuu so much matty ice,” Bowie Jane wrote while adding five heart emojis.

The duo is featured in an image enjoying beverages.

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