Blue Kim says Felicia is playing the best game in new Big Brother exit interview

Blue BB25 Exit
The Big Brother 2023 season featured Blue Kim as a player. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

The Big Brother 25 cast kept Blue Kim in the dark about the recent eviction vote.

When the live feeds went down for the live episode, Blue still didn’t know she was the target.

But as soon as the episode began, Big Brother fans knew that some had told Blue.

Sitting in the nomination chairs, Blue was wearing a dress and full makeup, while America Lopez was in her workout clothes. It was clear they knew what was about to happen.

This meant someone told Blue she would be voted out, breaking a deal several houseguests had made about keeping it quiet.

During a new Big Brother exit interview, Blue was asked what happened and who warned her about the vote.

Blue Kim gives a new Big Brother exit interview

“So, Jag is the one that told me that I was gonna go up as a pawn,” Blue said as she addressed a question from interviewer Mike Bloom.

Blue claimed that she had a feeling she was the target and that she was treating the Veto Competition as a must-win situation.

Even though Mike asked her specifically who told her about the eviction vote, Blue isn’t shown answering the question. Her lack of an answer could be due to the editing. The questions are submitted in advance to juror members, and the producers send back the responses.

Blue Kim says Felicia Cannon is the best Big Brother 25 player

In another new Big Brother exit interview, Blue spoke with Sharon Tharp.

Blue was asked who she thought was playing the best or worst game of Big Brother.

“I have to shout my girl out. Miss Felicia truly is doing the best… especially with what she’s been through,” Blue stated.

Her examples of why Felicia has played the best is how many times she has survived being on the block and being the target.

Later, Blue revealed her ideal path to the end and who she wanted sitting next to her on finale night.

The full interview Blue had with Sharon Tharp is below.

Some Big Brother fans might chuckle at what Blue said was her “biggest move” in the game.

More from Big Brother

A jury segment featuring Blue, America Lopez, Cory Wurtenberger, and Cameron Hardin will be featured during the November 2 episode.

As live feed viewers saw, the new HOH got a letter from a former player. It has led to much chatter on the feeds and social media among fans.

The Big Brother schedule now has a special eviction episode that will take place on a night other than Thursday.

Big Brother 25 airs Sunday at 10/9, Tuesday at 8/7c, and Thursday at 9/8c on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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