Blake Moynes called ‘corny’ after stereo stunt with Katie Thurston on The Bachelorette

Blake Moynes smirks while outdoors
Blake shows Katie he can be charming and corny Pic credit: ABC

Blake Moynes is getting to show off his romantic side with Katie Thurston and The Bachelorette fans seem to agree that his approach to romance is “corny.”

Being more proactive than he was on the last season of The Bachelorette, Blake snuck away to Katie’s suite and went out of his way to give her a romantic and cheesy surprise. 

Blake Moynes gets inspiration from a classic rom-com 

In the most recent episode, Katie became very emotional over shockingly sending Connor B. home, and Blake shared that he couldn’t stop thinking about how sad she must be feeling. 

Wanting to cheer her up, Blake decided to stand outside of Katie’s suite playing music from a boom box that he held above his head. This idea was inspired by the iconic, and now extremely cliche scene from the film Say Anything. 

While Katie appeared thrilled and touched by the gesture, fans were outspoken about their thoughts on Blake’s move. 

The Bachelorette fans are split on whether Blake Moyne’s ‘corny’ gesture was a good thing

Ever since he crashed Katie’s season, fans have been suspicious of Blake and his intentions. Even Katie had her doubts about why Blake wanted to be on the show.

While Blake is quickly dispelling Katie’s doubts, many viewers are still on the fence.

Continuing to feel split about Blake, the majority of viewers agreed that Blake’s romantic act was corny, however, some found it endearing while others found it just plain irritating. 

Those who found Blake to be corny in a positive way gave him brownie points for embracing his romantic and playful side. 

A tweet gives Blake wins brownie points
Blake’s corny move resonated with some fans Pic credit: @BBSashh/Twitter

Blake even appears to have won some fans over, with one commenter stating that they went from finding Blake corny to wanting him to be the next Bachelor lead. 

A tweet recommends Blake should be the next Bachelor
A fan calls for Blake to be the next Bachelor Pic credit: @LittleHustler/Twitter

Meanwhile, others clearly weren’t so fond of Blake and expressed finding his move to be irksome, stating that Blake is “the worst.”

A tweet calls Blake the worst
A fan has a disdain for all “Blakes.” Pic credit: @samanthaaa211/Twitter

Blake’s antics may have fans split but whatever he is doing clearly seems to be working on Katie because she becomes more and more drawn to him with each moment that they spend together. Fans noted how Katie likes his corny side even if others find it off-putting or exasperating. 

After not establishing a deep enough connection with former Bachelorette leads Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams, Blake appears determined to make it work with Katie and make her his future wife.

Blake and Katie’s compatibility, chemistry, and corniness might just help them go the distance together. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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