Blake Horstmann gave Bachelor Nation stars a surprising warning about Bachelor in Paradise

Blake Horstmann
Blake Horstmann feels certain Bachelor Nation stars shouldn’t be allowed on Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: @balockaye.h/Instagram

Blake Horstmann had an eventful weekend at Stagecoach this year.

Along with DJing an event, Blake also linked up with lots of Bachelor Nation stars.

Recently, Blake revealed the advice he gave Bachelor Nation stars regarding going on Bachelor in Paradise.

Blake Horstmann issues a BIP warning to Bachelor Nation stars

Blake Horstmann took to his Instagram Stories and allowed his fans to ask him anything. 

Many were curious about Stagecoach tea, and Blake had some interesting things to say. 

One fan asked, “Did some of the people from BN at Stagecoach ask for advice?”

Blake replied, “Ya I had some convos with quite a few people. Everyone thinks I probably told them to not got to BIP. But that’s not the case. I tell everyone to go to BIP if given the chance.” 

Blake shared that he encouraged Bachelor Nation stars to expand their platform and potentially find love on BIP, writing, “Use the show in the same way they use you. Go down there make a name for yourself and if you happen to find the love of your life while down there awesome. Even better. The odds of that are slim tho.” 

While Blake was supportive of Bachelor Nation stars going on Bachelor in Paradise despite his own dark experience on the summer spinoff, he did issue a warning. 

Blake wrote, “The only advice I gave them was to be careful of the official Bachelor podcast hosts if they are down there.” 

Elaborating on the issue with Bachelor podcast hosts on the island, Blake shared, “They are ABC Employees and will always get a good edit. So don’t go against them or date someone they have their eyes on.” 

Blake also revealed that he personally thinks the podcast hosts shouldn’t be allowed on Bachelor in Paradise after last season, where Becca Kufrin, Joe Amabile, and Natasha Parker were some of the ‘employees’ finding love on the island. 

Blake expressed, “I think they should not allow these people on the beach after last season (And I love all those people that went down there) but it’s a huge slap in the face of the audience. Like they think we are that dumb!?”

Blake Horstmann's Instagram story
Pic credit: @balockaye.h/Instagram

Blake Horstmann teases ‘big personalities’ going on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 

One fan asked Blake, “Is there any good Stagecoach tea!?” 

Blake admitted that he “would never say” if there was juicy tea, especially after tea and drama from a previous Stagecoach led to Blake becoming a Bachelor in Paradise villain. 

However, Blake did reveal that he met a lot of Bachelor Nation stars that are headed to Bachelor in Paradise this upcoming season. 

Blake wrote, “I met a lot of people that will be down there and I’m really excited to see what some of the story lines and character arcs will be. A lot of big personalities going.” 

Making his predictions, Blake shared, “I think we will see some redemptions and some people fall from grace. BC we all know how much they love that.” 

Blake Horstmann's Instagram story
Pic credit: @balockaye.h/Instagram

Which Bachelor Nation stars do you predict will take a shot at love on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8?

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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