Blake Horstmann details how much he’s paid for DJ gigs

Blake Horstmann
Blake Horstmann found success as a DJ. Pic credit: @balockaye.h/Instagram

Blake Horstmann has been thriving in his career as a DJ.

Blake successfully DJed at this year’s Stagecoach, coming a long way from his notorious past with the country music festival.

Recently, Blake was asked how much money he makes for his DJ gigs and hinted at how handsomely he’s paid.

Blake Horstmann makes bank as a DJ

Blake Horstmann spoke on Jason Tartick’s Trading Secrets podcast to detail his DJ journey. 

Money was a big part of the conversation as Jason questioned how much Blake made at Stagecoach and, in general, as a DJ. 

Blake revealed that from his partnerships and DJ gig at Stagecoach weekend alone, his pay was in the ballpark of 40k. 

Blake suggested that he’s able to make a pretty penny due to his large following, especially because his fanbase consists mainly of women. 

The Bachelor Nation stars explained that most nightlife venues want lots of women in attendance because that attracts more men and more spending, so Blake bringing out his women fans helps increase his pay. 

When asked how much top-tier DJs make, Blake referenced Jersey Shore star Pauly D. 

Blake declared that Pauly D’s DJ career allowed him to make 15 million in one year, and he suggested that someone like Pauly D can make 100k per set and about 500k a month. 

While Blake admitted that his fame from The Bachelorette franchise helped his DJ success at first, he shared that now people are starting to recognize his knack for DJing and even recognize him more for being a DJ than being a reality television star. 

Blake Horstmann credits Kaitlyn Bristowe for his DJ career

Being a DJ has proven lucrative for Blake, but it’s not just rewarding financially. The Bachelor in Paradise star also feels he’s found his calling in the field. 

Blake shared that he owed his venture into DJing to Jason Tartick’s fiancee and former The Bachelorette lead, Kaitlyn Bristowe.

After Bachelor in Paradise Season 6, Blake recalled that he was feeling lost and like an outcast in Bachelor Nation. He had been vilified on the summer spinoff due to previous Stagecoach antics, and it sent him into a dark headspace. 

Feeling a bit aimless, Kaitlyn Bristowe texted Blake and suggested he look into DJing, especially since he shared that he’s always been a “music guy,” “aux guy,” and “life of the party.”

Blake took Kaitlyn’s suggestion to heart, and he now continues to succeed in the DJing world. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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