Black Files Declassified exclusive: Tic Tac UFO sighting and recounting by Navy Airmen revealed

Air pilot
A strange UFO sighting alerts the US Military, but why are they keeping it from the public? Pic credit: Science Channel

On tonight’s Black Files Declassified, the fans of anything alien and UFO will love the coverage that the series gives the unexplained sightings by the US military that have been kept under wraps from the media and the general public.

Weekly Black Files Declassified aims to reveal the most clandestine of all government programs told from the vantage of a former CIA operative who worked on some of these secretive initiatives.

From the creepy and inexplicable to the jaw-dropping technological advances, this series will open your eyes to what our government is up to with monies earmarked for this hidden research and secretive departments.

Black Files Declassified enlisted former CIA operative Mike Baker to take us on a backstage tour of the special missions you had no idea existed.

Tonight’s Black Files Declassified

Air pilot
A strange UFO sighting alerts the US Military, but why are they keeping it from the public? Pic credit: Science Channel

The episode tonight examines strange unexplained UFO sightings by our military during regular air flight exercises.

The exclusive clip opens in November 2004, described by Baker as a clear sunny day off the coast of San Diego, California.

Until something odd occurs.

Commander David Fravor pilots an F18 off the USS Nimitz at near Mach 1 speed. The Navy striker has logged thousands of hours flying hundreds of combat missions.

But suddenly, his training exercise is canceled, and he receives orders to investigate an air threat.

Baker notes that he’s confronted dozens of them, but nothing like this.

This incredible video shown on the episode tonight is one of three released by the Department of Defense.

The New York Times broke the story, describing a US government-funded program investigating UFOs run by military intelligence deep within the Pentagon.

About Black Files Declassified

Each week, Mike will sort the truth behind some of the world’s most puzzling and unimaginable mysteries.

In the first episode, Mike revealed a top-secret aviation program funded by a well-hidden money trail that will change the game for flight transportation by attaining Mach 5 speeds, at 4,000 mph.

That episode explored the ramifications of that hypersonic speed technology falling into the wrong hands.

Also, in that episode, Mike researched the black files and revealed how a few nations are already working on hypersonic missiles, capable of reaching their target in minutes, and not to frighten you, but are described as “completely unstoppable.”

Other future episodes cover a space-based military program to an unbeatable army with otherworldly strength and the ability to kill with their minds, and Mike will open the kimonos up of these crazy sounding programs that sound more like science fiction than truth.

And another episode will see Mike dive into a clandestine program that fans of Ancient Aliens will love.

He investigates the program tasked to investigate alien sightings and a program dedicated to researching, tracking, and identifying UFOs. We find out that most government officials do not even know this exists.

Is there truth that the government has already captured hostile spycraft?

Science Channel said in a press release:

“A series of recently released videos filmed by the Department of Defense show a technology that scientists and aviation experts agree is beyond our capability and very possibly, something from beyond our world.

Mike Baker looks into one of the most fascinating subjects of our time.

The series comes from Espiritus Productions and Spark TV. For Espiritus Productions, the executive producers are Michelle and Bill Katz. For Spark TV, the executive producer is Paul Wooding.

For Science Channel, Wyatt Channell is the executive producer, and Andrew Lessner is the producer.

Black Files Declassified airs Thursday at 10/9c on Science Channel.

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