Blac Chyna lands movie role — Here’s what she’s doing 

Blac Chyna lands an acting gig in a movie.
Blac Chyna lands an acting gig in upcoming movie. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Blac Chyna has some promising news, as the mother of Dream Kardashian will be starring in a new acting role.

The news comes after Chyna lost her defamation suit against the KarJenner clan, where she alleged the women torpedoed her show with baby daddy Rob Kardashian, called Rob & Chyna. In other legal Chyna news, she reached a settlement with Rob in the revenge porn case, as jurors were outside the courthouse, ready for selection.

Chyna’s acting gig gives the former stripper a chance to earn money for herself and her daughter. 

Fans will be able to see Chyna in the movie called Secret Society 2 on Amazon Prime later next month.

Blac Chyna lands a new acting gig

Blac Chyna landed a new role as a character called Vicki in the new Secret Society movie. Vicki is a publicist in the film who has to protect two rising stars named Celess and Si Si. Chyna’s role will include crisis management, as she tries to keep the starlets out of the public eye for past mistakes. 

Chyna has already filmed the movie, which comes out on Amazon Prime on July 29.

The movie Secret Society 2 also stars Vivica A. Fix, Erica Pinkett, and famed felon Jeremy Meeks. 

TMZ reported the news and a word from executive producer Miasha Coleman, who expressed excitement over the role. 

Coleman said, “Blac Chyna is definitely no stranger to headlines and publicity, so naturally she nailed her part as a publicist! We are also excited to showcase her music in ‘Secret Society 2.’ They fit the vibe of the movie perfectly.”

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian reach revenge porn settlement

Rob Kardashian was accused of posting naked photos of Chyna on his Instagram in July 2017 as an alleged act of revenge porn, defined as sexually explicit images shared online without consent, often as harassment or revenge.

Rob and Chyna settled the suit, but Chyna allegedly wanted to back out of the settlement following her lawsuit loss against the KarJenners.

Because of Rob’s alleged actions, his Instagram is under the control of his mother, Kris Jenner’s company. Rob’s Instagram bio reads, “Robert Kardashian does not post to this account. The account is run by Jenner Communications. @dream @halfwaydead @arthurgeorge87 @grandezahotsauce.”

Page Six shared that potential jurors were lined up outside the courthouse waiting for selection when they were told they could go home because a settlement was reached. 

The settlement terms are unclear, but, interestingly, TMZ is now reporting on Chyna’s movie roles.

Secret Society 2 will be released Friday, July 29, on Amazon Prime.

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