Big Ed says he’s ‘enjoying life’ as 90 Day Fiance star shows off 20-pound weight loss

90 Day Fiance star Big Ed.
90 Day Fiance star Big Ed talks his new house and 20-lb weight loss. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Big Ed Brown has seemingly found a new lease on life after his disastrous relationship with Rosemarie Vega played out on the show.

And although it was clearly a tough time for him, Big Ed has come through the other side and is focusing on himself these days as he participates in another spin-off called 90 Day: The Single Life.

During a recent chat with Access Hollywood, Big Ed provided an update on where he’s at in life, including having lost some weight, and he also dishes on his new roommate.

Big Ed moved into a new house, dishes on his new roommate

Big Ed revealed that he’s moved into a new home recently.

“This is my new bachelor pad,” he said motioning to the patio area behind him during the interview. “So, I have a jacuzzi, firepit. This is my new kind of lair in San Diego.”

When Big Ed was asked about his new roommate, he couldn’t help but laugh about it.

“So, I have a new roommate that just moved in. She’s my mom! So, she’s 82-years-old. She’s a sweetheart. She just had surgery so, you know, she’s done such an amazing job taking care of me all my life. So, now it’s my turn to return the favor,” he shared.

Big Ed then revealed how “interesting” it has been having his mom living with him while he’s been trying to woo the ladies. According to Big Ed, after a lady friend spent the night, he woke up to his wet bathing suit hanging on his door knob – a sign that his mom knew what was going on.

Big Ed talks recent weight loss

Although his new roommate may make his escapades a bit more complicated, Big Ed is taking them in stride and says he’s doing well.

“I’m trying to be smooth,” he shared. “But yeah, so, yeah hey — Big Ed — look, I dropped twenty one pounds. Check this out.”

He continued, “I get my eyebrows threaded every two weeks. I’ve been exercising. I’m just trying to eat healthier. I kind of cut back on the malbec, obviously. But, yeah, I’m enjoying life.”

“I’m ready, you know, I came back from the Philipines, you know, didn’t work out. So I spent the last nine months just like working on Big Ed,” he concluded. “Not only just my mind but my body.”

In addition to his recent weight loss, Big Ed reveals that he’s been working with a dating coach who helped him see that he’s deserving of the love he’s wanting to give.

“She [the dating coach] gave me some really good insight. Cuz she’s like, ‘Ed, what are you looking for in a woman?’ And I went down this grocery list of somebody I can take care of, somebody that, you know, she doesn’t have to buy anything, I’ll spoil her rotten, and she doesn’t have to love me,” he confessed.

“And the dating coach is like, ‘wait a minute. Ed, whoa, what do you mean? Like, you know, what about you?’ And she kind of made me cry. She made me realize, look, you have to love yourself which is one of my mantras. So, I got some really good insight into myself,” he said.

Catch Big Ed on the new 90 Day Fiance spin-off 90 Day: The Singe Life streaming on Discovery+.

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