Big Ed needs to stop thinking about his own needs on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days and just ask Rose what she wants

Big Ed
Big Ed really needs to start putting Rose first, not himself. Pic credit: TLC

The story of Big Ed on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days has been an interesting one.

When we first met Big Ed on the show, we felt sorry for him.

He was sending gifts to a woman in the Philippines, and he admitted that he didn’t even know whether she was getting them.

At first, we could have guessed he may have fallen victim to a catfish.

But oh no, on the other end of their conversation was the sweet little Rose. And Ed has been ready to jump on her since they met – almost literally.

To refresh here, Ed asked Rose for an STD test because he thought she could bring something with her. That should have been clue number one for Rose that Ed wanted to have sex as soon as possible.

The conversation actually resulted in her storming off and leaving him behind, contemplating whether what he asked for was too big.

Big Ed is getting a second chance – and he focuses on intimacy

Luckily for Ed, he got a second chance.

By the way, this was after he dug into Rose’s past without divulging information about his own past. Again, two-sided Ed.

While this is the part where we’d expect him to focus on her to make her happy again, he goes straight back to what he wants – sex.

He starts out by bringing her back to his hotel room. Classy. Then he asks her to shower. Even more suspect.

Big Ed dance
Big Ed dances as he gets a second chance. Pic credit: TLC

Ed is, of course, thrilled by the second chance. He pours champagne for the two of them and starts to set the mood.

We remind you – he has yet to ask Rose what she would find romantic. Maybe it’s not a shower in a hotel room. Maybe she’s more into shopping and spending his money.

Big Ed turns up the charm with champagne. Pic credit: TLC

When she finally surfaces, she sees everything he has set up for her.

That’s when Ed makes his move.

Rose kiss
Rose appears shocked and disgusted by Ed’s request. Pic credit: TLC

He starts out cute by asking her how to say kiss in her language.

But then he asks to kiss her feet.

Clearly not digging it, Rose isn’t playing along and he settles for a brief kiss on the lips.

Big Ed and Rose kissing
Big Ed and Rose finally kiss. Pic credit: TLC

So, here we have Ed, pushing his desire to make out with Rose as she’s clearly not digging it.

Ed, seriously, just ask a girl what she wants.

You messed up by asking her for an STD test so you could feel good about sleeping with her. Maybe it’s time to win her back by focusing on her, not your own needs.

Big Ed just pushed his desire once more

But did you think Ed was done?

No such luck. He also asks her to please shave her legs because he doesn’t like legs with hair on them.

Rose shave legs
Rose isn’t convinced she needs to shave her legs. Pic credit: TLC

I will give it to Ed – he does give Rose something too. She doesn’t like his beard, so she asks him to shave it off in return.

Good Ed, good effort.

Perhaps personal cleanliness is his thing. He recently invited fans into his own shower, showing off his new look.

Either way, let’s hope he starts asking Rose about what she wants, not just assume she wants to be filled up on champagne and spend the night with him in a hotel room.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.