90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Big Ed shares shower video with fans, castmate Geoffrey Paschel immediately copies him

Geoffrey and Ed made the exact same shower video.
Geoffrey and Ed made the exact same shower video. Pic credit: @thisisbiged and @90daygeoffrey/Instagram

Earlier today, 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days fan favorite “Big Ed” Brown took to Instagram to remind fans that showering is important. Unlike his hair care routine, there was no mayonnaise involved in this shower. But Big Ed did include his dog Teddy in the post.

Ed reminds fans to shower

Ed and Teddy’s relationship has been called the healthiest in 90 Day history, and it’s hard to argue with that sentiment. The two even shower together — as Ed proved in the video.

“During this coronavirus, make sure that you’re not only washing your hands but you’re taking a shower and make sure that your dog is clean too,” Ed said, lifting his dog Teddy to the camera. “Okay. Have a wonderful weekend, this is Big Ed out, and no, I’m not cutting my hair.”

Ed was alluding to the recent controversy he stirred up by growing up his hair. Fans, and even his daughter Tiffany, hate the new look. But with most hair salons closed due to coronavirus, Ed may have to either cut it himself or live with the long hair. And he seems to be going hard on the second option.

Geoffrey then posted the exact same video

Less than two hours later, Geoffrey decided that he would make essentially the same video.

“Hey guys, Geoffrey here,” Geoffrey says in the video, “you know in this coronavirus pandemic, you should not only wash your body, but you should also wash your hands.”

It’s nearly word-for-word the same video that Ed posted, but the similarities don’t end there. “And while you’re washing your hands,” Geoffrey continued, “don’t forget to wash your dog too.” He then lifts his mastiff, who, unlike Teddy, is not at all easy to lift.

Geoffrey finished the video with a joke about not getting rid of the nipple tattoos, paralleling Big Ed’s joke about his hair.

Geoffrey’s post might have been intended as a parody of Ed’s (how on earth could it not be?) but Geoffrey didn’t tag Big Ed or make any mention of him at all. It’s also possible that Geoffrey wanted to pass the post off as original, but it seems likely that 90 Day fans would notice the similarity.

Fans have yet to point out to Geoffrey that the post is the same as Ed’s, and it’s strange that Geoffrey hasn’t yet said anything about it. But strange is kind of Geoffrey’s style, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see if he comes out with an explanation.

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