Big Ed Brown found out he was a ‘3-foot tall leprechaun’ in a previous life

90 Day Fiance star Big Ed Brown screenshot
Big Ed Brown was once a leprechaun. Pic credit: TLC

Big Ed Brown learned an interesting detail about his life during his stint on 90 Day: The Last Resort, and let’s just say it involves a pot of gold.

Big Ed found out during a therapy session that in another life, he was a three-foot-tall leprechaun — a revelation that for some reason does not surprise me.

The 58-year-old and his fiancee, Liz Woods, dished about what viewers can expect when the spinoff show premieres today.

The pair along with four other couples in crisis — Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown, Angela Deem and Michael llesanmi, Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren, Kalani Faagata, and Asuelu Pulaa — went on the show to address their relationship issues.

We’ve already seen some teasers for what’s to come, and there have been at least two cheating bombshells so far.

We learned that Asuelu had the nerve to cheat on Kalani multiple times, as he tearfully confessed in a recent sneak peek.

Surprisingly, Jovi and Yara appear to have some infidelity issues as well, as she accused her husband of bringing someone into their bed.

As for Liz and Big Ed, they had a slew of issues to work through, and they recently opened up about that.

Did you know that Big Ed Brown was once a leprechaun?

The 90 Day Fiance couple had a recent sit down with E! News and teased what’s to come.

One of the most interesting, and very necessary components of the show is the inclusion of therapy, and during one session Big Ed learned a fascinating tidbit.

“I learned I was once a three-foot-tall leprechaun in a previous life,” he revealed laughingly.

“We have different therapists that have their different techniques. And one in particular — I think we both really enjoyed — was the trans regression therapy where they take you back to where you were in a previous life,” he explained.

Big Ed and Liz Woods talk partying and drinking on 90 Day: The Last Resort

While all the couples had some serious issues to deal with while filming the show, they also found time to have fun, maybe a little too much.

“You should not be going to therapy when you had a few drinks in you,” reasoned Liz– after Ed revealed that there was “a lot” of drinking going on.

Big Ed noted that while staying at the beautiful resort it was only natural for the cast members to indulge, and they did just that during breaks.

However, Liz and Big Ed said they benefited a lot from the process and learned what they needed to work on, not just as a couple but also individually.

90 Day: The Last Resort premieres on Monday, August 14, at 9/8c on TLC.

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