Big Ed and Liz Woods wedding invitation leaked — Here’s what we know

90 Day Fiance couple Liz Woods and Big Ed Brown.
Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods are ready to get married. Pic credit: TLC

It’s happening, people! Liz Woods and Big Ed are getting married, and it will be in a few weeks, so let the countdown begin.

I know what you’re thinking: from everything we’ve seen happen between them, it’s a little shocking that they’re even still together. However, that’s Liz’s man, and she’s going to stick beside him — if you know, you know.

Meanwhile, we just got a sneak peek of the couple’s wedding invitation after it was leaked by one of their guests.

It wasn’t long ago that Ed and Liz filmed the TLC spinoff 90 Day: The Last Resort in an attempt to address their issues.

That worked out well since they decided to take this major step in their relationship.

It’s unclear whether TLC cameras will be up and running on Big Ed and Liz’s special day, but we’ll find out soon enough. Until then, here’s what we know about their wedding.

90 Day Fiance couple Big Ed and Liz are getting married in August

A 90 Day Fiance fan page recently shared a hazy screenshot of Liz and Big Ed’s alleged wedding invitation, which they received from a guest of the couple.

The invite had a photo of the pair looking lovingly at each other on a dark brown background surrounded by flowers.

It reads “The Wedding of Edward & Elizabeth,” with the date of Tuesday, August 29.

It was very hard to make out some of the details, but it appears that the event will take place at Holland Barn — a popular wedding location in Gentry, Arizona.

The photo was posted by @90dayfianceupdate, who wrote, “It’s happening people! A fan said their friend was invited to Liz and Ed’s Aug 29th wedding.”

You can check out the photo for yourself and let us know if you think the invitation is legit.

Big Ed and Liz Woods are on 90 Day: The Last Resort

Meanwhile, this August wedding, if true, comes as a shock because not long ago, the couple was seemingly on their last leg.

They filmed the first season of the TLC spinoff 90 Day: The Last Resort, and the entire premise of the show is to bring troubled couples to a resort for one final attempt to either fix their relationship or call it quits for good.

The duo went into the resort to work on their communication issues and break down the barriers that prevented them from moving forward.

However, it looks like the team of experts worked their magic on Big Ed and Liz, and very soon, they will become man and wife.

90 DAY: The Last Resort premieres Monday, August 14 at 9/8c on TLC. 

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