Big Brother’s spit take has become a famous GIF

Elissa On BB15
Elissa Slater played on Big Brother 15. Pic credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

A Big Brother 15 cast member has gone down in infamy for having a perfect spit take.

It all went down during the Big Brother 2013 season when Elissa Slater and GinaMarie Zimmerman chatted

GinaMarie made a comment that hit Elissa right in the funny bone.

It led to Elissa spitting out the Sprite she had been drinking from a coffee cup.

Luckily for her, GinaMarie helped her clean up the mess.

And that was right before a big kitchen fight took place.

The Big Brother 15 spit take

Many social media users thought the picture of a woman having a spit take with a coffee cup was actress Jennifer Lawrence.

But it was actually a segment of the Big Brother live feeds that featured the sister of Rachel Reilly.

After Rachel was a huge hit on the show, the producers brought in Elissa for a chance. At first, Elissa tried to keep her ties to Rachel under wraps from the rest of the cast.

And here is the GIF that is still used, even though the show was on CBS 10 years ago.

The full video of that Elissa Slater spit take

There is also a full video of Elissa doing her spit take. It leads right into the verbal fight between GinaMarie and Amanda Zuckerman.

GinaMarie finished in second place that season after the BB15 jury picked Andy Herren as the winner.

Elissa finished in sixth place, and Amanda placed seventh. Andy got votes from Elissa and Amanda to become the Big Brother 15 winner.

Below is the full video clip from the live feeds. It provides even more context for the now-famous GIF.

More news from Big Brother

A new season of Big Brother will begin airing episodes this summer.

The start date for the BB25 cast is August 2, with CBS pushing back the premiere episode.

Good news came with the postponement, as the Big Brother 25 season has been extended.

Episodes will air on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays to start out, but the days may have to shift after a while.

CBS will also debut a new season of Survivor this fall, with episodes on Wednesday nights at 8/7c. That could be a problem since Big Brother is also scheduled at 8/7c.

An early Survivor 45 cast list has leaked, giving fans some early bios for the new castaways.

Fans of the reality competition shows at CBS will have a fun fall. Big Brother, Survivor, The Challenge USA, and The Amazing Race will all have new seasons.

Big Brother 25 debuts on August 2 on CBS.

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