Big Brother winner Will Kirby may run for Governor of California

Will Kirby Big Brother
Dr. Will Kirby is a former Big Brother winner who has his eye on politics in California. Pic credit: CBS

Dr. Will Kirby won Big Brother 2, and now he might have his eyes on winning the race of Governor of California.

Taking to Instagram, Will posted a lengthy note about how he was envisioning a campaign. He even started using a hashtag to get things rolling by sharing an image that states “#DrWillGoGovernor” on his social media account.

“I have no true desire to be a politician, but anyone who lives here can acknowledge that the great state of California desperately needs an intervention,” Will wrote as a caption before he really started getting into the intent of his message.

“Absolutely no decision has been made, but I could envision a campaign based on old-fashioned common sense, and in the interest of transparency, I am listening to a number of trusted advisors to consider a plan of action,” Will added to the caption of his Instagram post.

So, would Dr. Will Kirby really run for office? It seems highly possible that this was in part a response to the news that reality TV star and former athlete Caitlyn Jenner is also running for governor.

Dr. Will Kirby explains motives to run for governor

In the Instagram post shared below, Will went in-depth on sharing details about himself, a platform of issues that he would want to deal with, and why he feels that someone with different ideas is needed in the job.

“We can all agree that the political regimes currently running the state just aren’t implementing policies that work. Maybe it’s time we put a fresh set of eyes on our state’s problems and give non-politicians the opportunity to implement non-conventional approaches to improving the needs of our state citizens,” Will added to his post.

Will Kirby remains one of the Big Brother legends

For Big Brother fans, Will Kirby will always be known as a leader of the Chilltown alliance, including Mike “Boogie” Malin and Shannon Dragoo.

After winning Big Brother 2, he returned to play on Big Brother: All-Stars, served as the host of jury roundtables for several other seasons, and even appeared as the neighbor during Big Brother 22.

His ties to reality television certainly mean he also has many fans who might consider voting for him if he ever did decide to run for office.

It will be fascinating to see how the process progresses for Will and if he decides to jump into politics.

Big Brother returns for 2021 season

A new season of Big Brother will air on CBS this summer. The team is hard at work putting together the BB23 cast, and we are hoping that we get a great group of fresh faces playing the game.

CBS has new casting policies in place for its reality competition shows, and this will be the first one that has a new season following the changes. That will make it even more interesting to see how the new Big Brother casting director does this summer.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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