Big Brother winner Jordan Lloyd and husband Jeff Schroeder get new show

Jeff And Jordan BB13
Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd are returning to CBS. Pic credit: CBS

Jeff and Jordan have a new show. Big Brother winner Jordan Lloyd and husband Jeff Schroeder are going to host a new real estate television series for CBS.

The famous Big Brother couple will serve as co-hosts on This You Need To See– a new show that will debut on CBS this spring. After airing on CBS first, the show will head to Amazon Prime.

No strangers to being on television, the married duo has been involved in Jeff & Jordan Do America, Reality Remix, and Survivor Live before this. Jeff has also been serving as a co-host on Daily Blast Live for a number of years.

For fans who have followed this Big Brother couple for years, it’s going to be a fun way to catch up with them and their family, all while taking full advantage of how much people have fallen in love with real estate shows.

Jeff and Jordan and reality TV

Ever since the world got to know Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder on Big Brother 11, the couple has been in the spotlight. They didn’t stop there, though, as Jeff and Jordan followed up BB11 with The Amazing Race 16, Big Brother 13, and Marriage Boot Camp.

Now, it’s time for them to try something a bit different, and CBS was certainly willing to give them the platform to do it.

In a statement to CNN, Jordan said, “Jeff and I met and fell in love when we were locked up in the Big Brother house, so if there’s one thing we know … it’s houses. But all kidding aside, we just moved into our new place and really enjoyed our home search. The chance to tour homes in cities across the country and to think we could potentially help a family like ours find their dream home really appealed to us both.”

What is This You Need To See?

The first season of their show will debut on Saturday, April 17 on CBS. The show will feature “top real estate agents around the country and tour their properties in cities like Chicago and Philadelphia.”

These houses will currently be on the market when they are featured on the show and it will be interesting to see Jeff and Jordan delving into this new chapter of reality television. Having recently purchased their own dream home, they could be in a unique position to comment about and critique the homes that pop up on the program.

More Big Brother news

Big Brother 23 is on the way this summer. For fans who would love a chance to compete for the $500,000 prize, the casting director is looking for more people to apply to be on BB23.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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