Big Brother winner Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder share photos, video of private movie theater screening

Jeff And Jordan From BB
Jeff and Jordan started their relationship on Big Brother and are still going strong. Pic credit: Jeff and Jordan TV/YouTube

Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder from Big Brother 11 took the family out for a private movie screening this week. And from the looks of the video that she shared on Instagram, the Big Brother couple and their kids had the entire theater to themselves.

Jordan won Big Brother 11 and that was also where she met Jeff. The pair would enter into a showmance during the season and then returned as an official couple during Big Brother 13 to compete again. Their second shot at the $500,000 came during the season where Rachel Reilly won.

Jeff and Jordan also appeared on The Amazing Race and Marriage Boot Camp, while also taking the time to have two children. Their kids are named Lawson Keith Schroeder and Layton Sarti Schroeder, and, of course, they were along for the family movie outing.

From what Jordan wrote in the caption for her Instagram post, this was the first time that she and Jeff had been to the theater to see a movie together since the live-action version of The Jungle Book came out.

Jordan Lloyd and family at the movies

“Private screening for @bossbaby . I really liked the movie! Never seen the first one before but this one was cute! #bossbaby,” Jordan wrote as the caption to her social media post.

The film was actually Boss Baby 2: Family Business, which hits theaters on a national stage on July 2.

“Quick❓❓❓..when was the last time you went to the movie theater? What movie was it? The last movie Jeff & I saw in the theater was jungle book when I was pregnant with Lawson! I can’t believe it’s been that long! @jeffschroeder23 @bossbaby,” Jordan concluded her post.

Get ready for Big Brother 23 this summer

A new season of Big Brother, along with the possibility of new showmances, arrives on CBS this summer. The season premiere takes place on Wednesday, July 7, and there are some huge twists that will envelop the BB23 cast.

Big Brother 23 has a team element, where the houseguests will be placed on teams during the first episode. That theme will continue for a few weeks, with the success of the team very important for each individual.

There will also be a special offer extended to a BB23 house guest at the finale. The producers hint that it could be a huge way to shake up the game, and it will be exciting to see if a houseguest accepts the offer.

The names of the BB23 cast members come out on July 1, beginning the debate on who the fans think could win this summer. Since everyone competing is new to the show, the fresh group of houseguests should help breathe life into the franchise.

Following the cast revelation, the countdown begins until the 90-minute season premiere on July 7. That same night, the Big Brother live feeds will get turned on so that subscribers can see what’s already going on inside of the house.

Big Brother returns on July 7 to CBS.

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