Big Brother winner Cody Calafiore shares his favorite players to watch, most difficult person to play with

Cody During BB22 POV
Cody Calafiore won Big Brother 22 and now hosts a Twitch stream. Pic credit: CBS

Since becoming the Big Brother 22 winner, Cody Calafiore has been spending a lot of time on Twitch. It has been a way for him to interact with the fans, answer direct questions, and speak a lot about the game of Big Brother.

While on Twitch, Cody has also had conversations with other former Big Brother houseguests, like a recent chat he had with Enzo Palumbo. They even talked about who they have kept in touch with from the BB22 cast.

In a recent Twitch session, Cody was asked, “who was your favorite player watching previous seasons if you had one at all.”

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Cody shared a few different names, which made for some really interesting moments as he referenced some of the really interesting players the game has seen.

Who did Cody Calafiore like watching on Big Brother?

Cody started out by saying he really enjoyed watching Mike Boogie play.

Mike “Boogie” Malin first appeared on Big Brother 2 with Dr. Will Kirby, where he finished in eighth place. Mike returned for Big Brother All-Stars 1 (BB7), where he was crowned the winner. Later, Mike was invited back for the BB14 cast to be a coach, where he finished in 10th place.

Cody later referenced Jeff and Jordan (Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd) and talked about enjoying their appearances on the show. Now married, Jeff and Jordan first appeared on Big Brother 11 (which Jordan won), and then returned as a couple to play on Big Brother 13.

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Cody asked about his least favorite person to play with

Cody was also asked who his least favorite player to play with on his seasons and he side-stepped that question, but did reveal who he thought was the most difficult person to play with.

Zach Rance is the person that Cody said was the most difficult person to play with. He said that he never knew what to expect from him and that Zach’s unpredictability made him a wild card in the game. Cody said he was, “scared to be in a room with him” because he never knew what Zach would say next.

Cody didn’t say anything negative about Zach, but rather expressed how hard it was to anticipate what Zach would do next.

Keep up with Cody Calafiore on Twitch

For any fans of Cody Calafiore, his Twitch stream is a great way to keep up with him. He doesn’t hold back with his responses and is willing to share his thoughts on nearly everything about the game.

Big Brother 2021 this summer

A new season of Big Brother is on the way at CBS. They are also asking for more applicants to play BB23, so any fans who are interested should go apply to be on the show. It is expected that the Big Brother 2021 season will begin in June.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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