Big Brother winner calls past casting ‘insidious’ as he compliments BB23 cast members

Tiffany And Claire BB23
Tiffany Mitchell gives Claire Rehfuss some bad news on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother fans are still buzzing about a big moment from the latest episode of the show. That even includes a former Big Brother winner who paid a pretty big compliment to the BB23 cast after the footage was finally shared with the CBS audience.

While there was a lot to cover during Big Brother 23, Episode 27, the most talked-about moment of the night was when Tiffany Mitchell pulled Claire Rehfuss aside to warn her that she was about to get backdoored.

Earlier in the episode, we had seen Alyssa Lopez win the Power of Veto, meaning she was going to save herself from the block. Tiffany, as the HOH, was then going to have to name a replacement nominee and the only person left in the game from outside of The Cookout was Claire.

Here is a video of the full conversation between Tiffany and Claire, but to summarize, Claire took the bad news with class, respect, and dignity. Though she shed a lot of tears about her game coming to an end, Claire may have ended up gaining a lot of votes to become America’s Favorite Houseguest this season.

Big Brother 15 winner weighs in on the Tiffany-Claire moment

“22 seasons of insidious casting lead to this devastating and beautiful moment. #BB23 actually cast good people who understand that the mistakes of past must be rectified, and it’s awesome,” Big Brother 15 winner Andy Herren posted with a clip from the Tiffany and Clare chat.

It’s a poignant statement from the former BB15 cast member, as that was a season that was full of negativity for the franchise when it comes to racism, homophobia, and bullying. Various other seasons have also dealt with problems like that, but the current season and BB23 cast may be putting an end to it.

Big Brother 23 changing the game for future seasons

The BB23 cast is going to be remembered long after they have finished playing the game this summer. There have been both good moments and bad moments along the way, but it is a certainty that the game has changed for good. Hopefully, the Big Brother 24 cast can continue to build upon the good facets of the summer 2021 season.

The upcoming Big Brother schedule has a lot of moments that fans need to note. We are going to get two Double Eviction episodes, a Friday night installment, and quite a few time changes during the next few weeks of September. There is also a Sunday with no episode and a two-hour season finale where we will learn who wins Big Brother 23.

With $750,000 on the line, it will be very interesting to see who makes it to the final two and how The Cookout alliance deals with having to turn on each other. It will also be fun to see who America ends up rewarding with the $25,000 prize that goes along with being the favorite cast member.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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