Big Brother spoilers: Wildcard Competition results are in for Week 4

Britini Raps On BB23
Britini is enjoying rapping during episodes of Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers about the Wildcard Competition for Week 4 have just been revealed on the live feeds. It was an important challenge for several of the houseguests, and one of them is likely about to regret not emerging with safety for the week.

Christian Birkenberger is the new Head of Household after he took power during the July 29 episode. He had some ideas about who he wanted to put on the block at the Nomination Ceremony, but first, the BB23 cast had to play another Wildcard Competition.

Whitney Williams played for Team Aces, Claire Rehfuss played for Team Queens, and Azah Awasum played for Team Jokers in the latest Wildcard Competition. This means that the only people who haven’t played in a Wildcard Competition are Derek Frazier, Alyssa Lopez, and Xavier Prather.

Derek Frazier decided to let Azah represent their team and he opted to not participate in this particular challenge. It’s also possible that this is the last one that the cast participates in before teams get broken up.

Who won the Big Brother Wildcard Competition today?

Claire Rehfuss revealed on the Big Brother live feeds that she won safety this week. And it appears that she is safe for two weeks, so there was a lot on the line for the three ladies who were competing this week. That officially makes Claire the first member of the Big Brother 23 jury.

It appears that there are going to be repercussions coming later because Claire took the safety for herself. It hasn’t been made obvious on the feeds what the punishment is yet, or even if Claire knows what it will entail. But this could definitely add an interesting wrinkle to the rest of the week, especially if we are getting close to when the teams are to be split up.

Big Brother spoilers: Who will Christian nominate for eviction from BB23 cast?

Three people are currently being discussed by the members of Team Kings. Whitney, Hannah Chaddha, and Britini D’Angelo are the three names that were being tossed up as potential nominees for Christian to go with this week.

The Kings were meeting up in the HOH Room and debating the pros and cons about putting two of those three people on the block. At the publishing of this article, the decision had not yet been finalized, but by the end of the day on Friday (July 30), we will know who has been nominated for eviction this week. Those Big Brother spoilers will be presented later.

More Big Brother 23 news

Outside of the Big Brother house, Brent Champagne is giving more interviews to explain why he was playing the game this way. Brent also admitted to being attracted to Alyssa – right before the interviewer broke the news to him that Alyssa and Christian are together. How did Brent not know?

Some drama also emerged from the Big Brother live feeds, where Xavier Prather called out Whitney for a racist comment.

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