Big Brother spoilers: Who won the new HOH Competition?

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A new Head of Household is in charge of Big Brother 23, and they are ready to make a big move. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers now reveal the new Head of Household. The BB23 cast had to put a new person in charge as Sarah Beth Steagall gave up the power, and it was time to start looking ahead to what might happen during Week 8 of the game.

Earlier in the night, Derek Xiao was evicted on a 5-2 vote, making him the second member of the BB23 jury. He will be spending the next week with Britini D’Angelo as they wait for others to join them at their new vacation house.

Only nine people remain in the running for the $750,000 cash prize, and becoming the Head of Household for Week 8 was extremely important for some of them. Would Claire be able to take power and make a big move against members of The Cookout? Or would The Cookout continue to steamroll the game?

Ahead of the new HOH Competition, the houseguests had been shown video clips with details that they tried to memorize. Then, during the HOH Competition, questions were asked that required the houseguests to use their recall and memories.

Who is the Week 8 Big Brother 23 Head of Household?

Xavier Prather, Azah Awasum, and Claire Rehfuss missed the first question and were out. Derek Frazier and Kyland Young went out on the second question. Alyssa Lopez and Hannah Chaddha were eliminated on the fourth question.

Tiffany Mitchell is your new Head of Household. She won the challenge and will now get to nominate two people for eviction. Those nominations will take place at some point on Friday (August 27), and the results will be our next huge Big Brother spoilers to come out of the house.

As a reminder, the High Roller’s Room could shake things up before Tiffany really gets to make the big moves that she has in mind. The Coin of Destiny is going to surface, and it will give someone the chance to overthrow the HOH.

Several houseguests could have an opportunity to do it because Julie Chen Moonves gave them more BB Bucks in envelopes, and another America’s Vote is taking place overnight to award them with even more money.

More news from the world of Big Brother

Big Brother producers are worried about wall yellers this season. Rumors have suggested that people might try to spoil The Cookout alliance by alerting the rest of the BB23 cast to it.

Big Brother 22 winner Cody Calafiore predicted who he thinks will win this season. Cody also talked about a few members of The Cookout that he doesn’t believe really have a chance at winning the $750,000 prize.

Sarah Beth making her moves as the HOH this week led to Janelle Pierzina saying SB “has worms for brains” and that she had ruined her own game this summer. The point where Sarah Beth will regret letting Kyland Young manipulate her in such a big way could be coming soon.

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